Geico's Cavemen Underwhelmed by Show About Them

By Michael S. Rosenwald
Cavemen are, by their very nature, extremely insecure. Anyone who has seen them in Geico's auto insurance commercials knows that they take any slight very seriously, whether it be from their shrinks or from television newscasters.

So it was only natural, we suppose, that Geico's cavemen would feel impugned by a TV show about cavemen -- inspired by them! -- that didn't use cavemen to play the roles of cavemen.

During last weekend's Super Bowl, the cavemen (funded by Geico) showed up on millions of TV screens to register their reaction in between breaks in the action. The cavemen were apparently just wrapping up watching an episode of the ABC show, which has been widely panned.

They seemed miffed.

"A TV show -- about us," one caveman said, the shock on his face hidden by a lot of hair.

The other caveman said, "What was the deal with that makeup?"

"Exactly," his hairy friend said. "Why not just use real cavemen?"

"Well, I thought their diction was good," the other caveman said. "You could hear everything they were saying."

Whether or not the show comes back on the air is anyone's guess -- that writer's strike in Hollywood has, for better or worse, doomed many shows. But one thing is clear, according to executives at the Martin Agency, the Richmond ad firm behind the ads: The cavemen have their own voices again.

"It's nice that we can take them back and see where they might go from here," said Steve Bassett, creative director the for Martin Agency.

But it's unlikely that the cavemen will ever be happy.

"The cavemen are never going to feel great about themselves. Every time they think they are getting a break the rug is pulled out from under them," Bassett said. "A happy caveman is not a really interesting caveman. If Charlie Brown ever gets to kick the football, it won't be interesting anymore."

By Mike Shepard  |  February 8, 2008; 3:14 PM ET  | Category:  Media
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A brilliant commercial. I can't wait to see more!

Posted by: David | February 11, 2008 1:27 PM

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