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Morning Brief: Construction Workers Hope For Stimulus

Santiago Castro is one person who is hoping President Obama's stimulus package works. The father of three small children has barely cobbled together enough money to pay the $2,000-a-month mortgage on his Oxon Hill home with his wife's part-time salary from Dunkin' Donuts and his unemployment check. Castro recently...

By Alejandro Lazo | January 30, 2009; 9:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Morning Brief: Commercial Property Debt Looms

Staff writers Dana Hedgpeth and Dan Keating take a thorough look Thursday morning at Washington's commercial property market. A third of the loans used to finance Washington area commercial buildings and then sold to Wall Street are coming due in the next five years, leaving investors scrambling to find...

By Alejandro Lazo | January 29, 2009; 10:20 AM ET | Comments (1)

Morning Brief: Local Unemployment Climbs

The jobless rate locally soared in Maryland, the District and Virginia in December, showing that the Washington area is not immune to the downdraft of the recession. Bureau of Labor Statistics data released Tuesday offered more evidence of an economy growing increasingly fragile, even in these local jurisdictions, which traditionally...

By Alejandro Lazo | January 28, 2009; 10:21 AM ET | Comments (0)

Morning Brief: Fannie Mae Looks to Treasury for Cash

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae is looking to tap government rescue money. Fannie said Monday that it expects to request up to $16 billion from the Treasury Department, marking the first time the federally run mortgage giant will hit the government's largesse. Rival Freddie Mac has already received $13.8 billion from...

By Alejandro Lazo | January 27, 2009; 9:25 AM ET | Comments (0)

Sallie Mae Cuts Executive Pay

"The best thing we can say about 2008 is it is behind us," Sallie Mae chief executive Albert Lord says in this memo to managers: To: All Management Incentive Program Participants From: Albert L. Lord Date: January 26, 2009 RE: 2008 Management Incentive Payouts That 2008 was a challenging year...

By Dan Beyers | January 26, 2009; 4:25 PM ET | Comments (0)

Morning Brief: The Dynamics of Hiltons' Move

Following Hilton Hotels' announcement that it plans to move to the Washington area, staff writer Michael Rosenwald now asks: can two major competitors coexist in the same region? For more than 50 years, Marriott International has been the Washington area's premiere lodging company. Other firms have popped up around...

By Alejandro Lazo | January 26, 2009; 8:44 AM ET | Comments (0)

Value Added: The Importance Of Showing Up

By Thomas Heath My wife and I have a code when we talk about successful people. It's a play off Woody Allen's oft-quoted bromide that most of success has to do with just "showing up." When we see someone who is making something of themselves, we often nod and agree....

By Dan Beyers | January 25, 2009; 8:00 PM ET | Comments (13)

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