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Unfortunately I believe that we are limited in what we can focus on. I think that if we proceed with the partisan sideshow of prosecuting Bush admin. officials, healthcare will get lost in the brouhaha.
— Posted by denamom, Obama's Quandary...

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Archive: February 2008

Tax Break

USA Today reports that Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton both have helped enact narrowly crafted tax breaks designed to benefit campaign contributors. The Democratic presidential candidates pushed through the tariff relief provisions despite promises on the campaign trail that they would work to limit the influence of Washington...

By The Editors | February 29, 2008; 5:00 PM ET | Comments (2)

Sticker Shock

One of the challenges to fixing the D.C. public school system is that every solution has to overcome sticker shock. Because of falling enrollment and other reasons, schools chancellor Michelle Rhee plans to shutter 23 schools. She estimates that the school system will save $23 million this year in operating...

By The Editors | February 29, 2008; 12:21 PM ET | Comments (0)

Three Investigations

Inspired by The Washington Post's Watergate investigation, Los Angeles developer Selden Ring endowed the richest prize in journalism to encourage newspapers to produce investigative reporting of the highest caliber. The Selden Ring Award is unique in that it places a primary emphasis on the results generated by the reporting. The...

By The Editors | February 28, 2008; 7:05 AM ET | Comments (63)

Questions About a Mosque Leader

In the months after the 2001 terrorist attacks, federal agents became interested in a Muslim spiritual leader who oversaw a Northern Virginia mosque that is one of the nation's largest. Anwar al-Aulaqi was nevertheless allowed to leave the country in 2002. Over time, the government grew even more interested in...

By The Editors | February 27, 2008; 4:12 PM ET | Comments (1)

Shutting Down a Source of Leaked Documents

Here's how it once worked: A former State Department official and military analyst decided that the world needed to see the Pentagon's secret and highly disturbing history of U.S. involvement in Vietnam. So Daniel Ellsberg gave the 7,000-plus pages of classified documents to the New York Times and then The...

By The Editors | February 25, 2008; 7:04 AM ET | Comments (63)

Arizona Congressman Indicted

Rep. Rick Renzi, R-Ariz. waits to speak at a Republican fundraiser in Scottsdale, Ariz., in this Oct. 4, 2006 file photo. (AP) U.S. Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.), who won reelection two years ago despite allegations of corruption, was indicted today for extortion, wire fraud, money laundering and other charges...

By The Editors | February 22, 2008; 12:01 PM ET | Comments (92)

Investigations Elsewhere

In our continuing attempt to alert you to important investigations around the country, we offer these two recent examples: Reporters for the Charlotte Observer spent nearly two years investigating the treatment of workers in the poultry industry. This month they published their results, which in the words of the newspaper's...

By The Editors | February 21, 2008; 8:18 AM ET | Comments (2)

"Today is the Day to Own Up"

The sentencing of a California defense contractor closes another chapter in the long-running corruption case surrounding former Republican congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Brent R. Wilkes was convicted of showering Cunningham with more than $700,000 in perks -- including $500,000 for a mortgage, $100,000 for a yacht he never purchased, submachine-gun...

By The Editors | February 20, 2008; 1:00 PM ET | Comments (1)

D.C. Tax Scam Grows

Harriette Walters is accused of masterminding the alleged scam. (Credit: D.C. Government) When Harriette Walters, former manager of the D.C. tax office was arrested in November, prosecutors told a judge she had helped steal $20 million in fraudulent refund checks since 2004. In December, an analysis by The Washington...

By The Editors | February 20, 2008; 9:47 AM ET | Comments (1)

Tragic Similarities

Some aspects of the Northern Illinois University shootings are tragically reminiscent of last year's rampage at Virginia Tech. Police in Illinois report today that Stephen P. Kazmierczak, who killed five students and himself yesterday had stopped taking medication a couple of weeks ago and had been behaving erratically. After the...

By The Editors | February 15, 2008; 3:05 PM ET | Comments (3)

Contempt over U.S. Attorney Firings

The House has approved contempt citations against two White House aides over their refusal to cooperate with an investigation into the firings of U.S. attorneys. The citations against White House Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet E. Miers came on a 223 to 32...

By The Editors | February 15, 2008; 10:48 AM ET | Comments (25)

An Innocent Man

A pilot who was indicted seven years ago in Phoenix on immigration charges and accused in court of training the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers deserves compensation for having been wrongly jailed in England, a British court has ruled. The Associated Press reports today that a British Court of Appeal ruling...

By The Editors | February 14, 2008; 5:56 PM ET | Comments (1)

Found In An Alley

In an inexplicable twist to the ongoing scandal at the District's Office of Tax Revenue, two of the agency's computer servers turned up in an alley behind a Ruby Tuesday's, the Post's Carol D. Leonnig and Dan Keating report. Local police retrieved the three-foot-tall computers from beside a trash compactor...

By The Editors | February 8, 2008; 9:35 AM ET | Comments (0)

Ethics Standards

David Harrington is the new council chairman in Prince George's County. A Post editorial argues that the Prince George's County Democratic Party has hurt the county's reputation by choosing County Council Chairman David Harrington (D-Cheverly) to fill a vacant seat in the state Senate. An investigation by the Post's...

By The Editors | February 7, 2008; 11:53 AM ET | Comments (3)

The Roots of AOL's Troubles

Seven years after it submitted to a takeover by America Online, Time Warner is still feeling the hangover from what was then the biggest merger in U.S. history. The company long ago took the "AOL" out of its name, divorced itself from the Internet upstart's executives and made the Dulles-based...

By The Editors | February 6, 2008; 5:43 PM ET | Comments (56)

HUD Secretary Allegedly Intervened for Friend

A recent court filing alleges that U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson intervened in a Philadelphia matter that involved a business friend, The Post's Carol D. Leonnig reports today. It is the latest allegation of favoritism by Jackson, who according to people familiar with the matter is...

By The Editors | February 4, 2008; 12:34 PM ET | Comments (10)


Two Washington Post investigations have won recognition in national journalism competitions. Reporting by Anne Hull and Dana Priest on the conditions at Walter Reed Medical Center and the treatment of veterans returning from war won the Worth Bingham Prize. The stories, which led to the departure of several high-ranking Army...

By The Editors | February 1, 2008; 10:29 AM ET | Comments (54)


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