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Unfortunately I believe that we are limited in what we can focus on. I think that if we proceed with the partisan sideshow of prosecuting Bush admin. officials, healthcare will get lost in the brouhaha.
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Tragic Similarities

POSTED: 03:05 PM ET, 02/15/2008 by The Editors

Some aspects of the Northern Illinois University shootings are tragically reminiscent of last year's rampage at Virginia Tech. Police in Illinois report today that Stephen P. Kazmierczak, who killed five students and himself yesterday had stopped taking medication a couple of weeks ago and had been behaving erratically.

After the April 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech, The Post reported that shooter Seung Hui Cho never received the treatment ordered by a judge who declared him dangerously mentally ill less than two years before he killed 33 people. Gaps in the mental health system and confusion over student privacy laws were identified as problems by the panel that investigated the massacre at Virginia Tech. The panel said the flaws might take years to correct and require action by the federal government.

The Post also learned that despite his mental illness Cho encountered no problem purchasing two handguns before his rampage.

The day of horror at Virginia Tech was documented in two extraordinary reconstructions by Post reporters of the deadly rampage and the enormous rescue and investigative effort that followed the shootings.

By The Editors |  February 15, 2008; 3:05 PM ET
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Research shows Northern Illinois University could not prevent this crime!

Preventing Crime Is everyone's responsibility

I guess it's human for people today to be in a make believe world of their own, safe and secure, families living happy, healthy and successful. Nothing wrong with a happy family life, we all want such. True reality of life after September 11th is too much to fathom for Americans over three hundred million populace. We look at our little individual worlds as a safe haven far from crime and terrorist attacks!

Until someone in our family circle is a victim of crime! Then the world of reality strikes hard, with no natural affection, love, kindness, goodness present and panic set's in! Security and safety is gone suddenly, just like a raging storm! Like a tornado with no wall, tower, thing or person to stop it's powerful surge smashing your make believe world to pieces!

The police made their report, after they arrived, responding to a security department's call for help. They investigate and take statements from witnesses (If there was any), then make their report. They tell the victim/s that they will do what they can to find the criminal/s involved. That's all they can do. And they are doing their jobs well. No shame should fall on our Criminal Justice system's Vanguard, the police. They are a re-active crime control agency.

If the crime was at a Shopping mall, Hospital, University or office complex, chances are, the corporate owners are afraid the liability risk is much to high to give their security departments the right tools they need to prevent such crimes against your family. They implement a strict policy of hands off, when it comes to preventing crime! They are told to call the police if there is something that may cause an interruption in the peace and public safety. The owners even go as far as telling store keepers in the shopping malls to call the police directly, and do not call security, for they are wasting time going through the security thinking that the malls security can prevent a crime!

However! This entity (Security) is the only entity that has the before, during, and after the fact premise to be successful in preventing crime and terrorist attacks. The police are usually at a scene after the fact! Please, we are not saying the police are not needed! For they must be in place working with security to complete the circle of preponderate to fight crime!

So what happens when these sequence of scenes take place at this present time in American history? we then have in the end result, many frustrated people! The victim/s, their families, the security, the police, the owners, the politicians, and the public! For the crime was not prevented! And then everyone looks at the police and security, and say, where were you guys?

Does the Homeland Security department encourage the owners of these complexes, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Universities/Colleges and office complexes to give their security people the tools to prevent crime instead of just responding to these problems? Do they encourage law makers to change the laws to help private and governmental security people to Prevent Crime instead of acting like police, and just respond to a crime in progress? The five students killed when a gunman opened fire in a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University Thursday ( 2-14-08) in the afternoon were at college to begin building their dreams. And please don't forget those Virginia State Tech. students had their dreams shattered to.

I believe this problem will continue, until the American People realize that crime prevention must have the Before factor to work! Security must be looked at in totally unique way, and must be developed to prevent these issues. Security must have the rights and duty to investigate before hand all connected to the Universities and other schools. Security must be able to detect before hand, these troubled people and be able to stop such bloodshed ! Security must not be an operation that mainly shows a reactive response. Security must have the high tech systems in place to detect issues that relate to prevention!

In essence, we as American citizens continue to ignore facts. Facts that will hit you right in the face, at any moment! You want more crime prevention? Then supply the before factor that will ultimately prevent your family from being the next victims in universities/colleges, hospitals, Shopping Malls and other complexes.

My research that started in 1968, shows that our communities could benefit greatly if large complexes would take the responsibility of preventing their own inevitable crime and terrorist attacks! Folks our front lines are not secure!

We have space age technology today that would boggle the minds of all Americans! This 21fst century technology is barely used in America, but, if it was, security would use it to prevent crime! You'd be surprised how much of this technology isn't being used in shopping malls, hospitals, universities/colleges and other complexes. It would put you in panic mode, and I could prove it! I am very concerned when my family visits these complexes knowing what I do about their security as it is now. Security at present time will not prevent crime! They can not! Security in most places act and operate as police departments with no authority. The technology they have in most places is not helping them to prevent! They really have no detective departments investigating complaints and researching problem issues. Social workers are not working closely with security to prevent what happen at those schools.

In hospitals, there are so many crimes covered up that if you knew you'd also be concerned as I am. Look what happen at Virginia Tech., and Northern Illinois something I say should never happen, especially when it is proven that it could have truly been prevented, after everyone made their investigations. Everyone seems to say, "Well we should have done this, or that!". Yes! I say yes, we should! Investigations seem to only be after the fact! Why? Why not do the investigations Before the fact!

I know it is human to live in your family make believe worlds, the safe haven we all need just to keep from becoming depressed over the September 11th reality of things. But, when it comes to preventing crime and terrorist attacks at the frontline level, somebody needs to do something, and soon!

I know that there are many other security people and police out in America that sees what I see. Please! Pass this article on to everyone you can, and maybe, just maybe, we could prevent a family from experiencing crime!

Preventing crime and terrorist attacks is the responsibility of all Americans! Especially the corporations that own these big complexes that draw large crowds! Terrorist attacks will be centered on these areas! And some entity needs to prevent crime! Not just respond to it!

I pray that the media grabs my article and runs with it so things change in security for America, before you, and your family experience crime! My family is dear to me to, and if any of my family members experience crime, knowing what I know about crime prevention, it would cut my heart deep! It's like a medical doctor who can't save his family member at a crime scene because his hands are forced tied!

Everybody worries about the liability risk of any operation. The Cities worry about their police putting them in a high liability risk when acting in a physical way. Shopping Malls and other complexes worry about their security acting in such a way that it would put them in a high liability risk and that's why they play it safe insisting that security have a hands off policy! But, what they don't understand is, that you could be putting yourself in a higher liability risk for not putting hands on! For a crime could be committed before the police get there, after security calls the police! As time ticks onward I foresee lawyers winning cases against these complexes for not having security that would prevent crime against your family while shopping in their mall or place of business. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost love ones in crime! I just wish people would hear what I have to say about stopping crime at Universities! Every time I hear about crime at another school it makes me upset! Security must, yes, must prevent crime, it's their responsibility, so give them the things they need to do it.

I wrote a book published July 2005, and the American Book Publishing Company of UTAH took it out of print for lack of sale. Yes. Nobody knows what my research (since 1968) and investigation on crime prevention and public safety and security is, and therefore missing out on the many years of hard work.

America, Wake Up!

Article by;

James R. White, Jr., Public safety and Security Consultant, Research since 1968, ., P O Box 84, Sand Lake, New York, USA 12153-0084 518-326-3058 home, cell 518-528-8004

End of article.

Posted by: James R White Jr | February 16, 2008 6:12 PM

Whar about all new mental states?

In the case of the Jokela school shooting in Finland the involved student had similarly used irregularly, or ceased to use a known medication. But that is only half of the problem.

It seem more that 200 "psychological" or mental states, that can be treated by medications, have been found - as well as the medication - during the last 20 years.
It sounds strange. How did we get along when they had not been found? And get along without shooting around? There might be something to investigate, not least because individual reactions can not be garanteed with as many new druggs.

In the Jokela case the school nurse was among the offers. The publishing of the results keeps beeing pushed forward.

Posted by: P J Jarvinen | February 17, 2008 2:32 PM

Suicide is Veterans choice 2-20-08
P. Macdonald 465 Packersfals Rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217
The VA Suicide hot line calls me at least once a day. Is this harassment? U.S. Congress woman Shea-Porter used her government powers to have a VA Dr. attempt to put me in the nut house to stop my letter to the editor. The Director of Veteran's medical care for NH Veterans stops my VA medical care for disabilities that I received during Combat support missions. The newspapers censor the public from the truth for the demented belief that protecting the powerful is the more profitable avenue. I as a U.S. Marine 100% disabled have no where to go but hell. Suicide crosses every returning U.S. military Veterans mind to justify what we did and accept what we came home too.
The Sheriff's Dept now harasses me to drive the point home that the power of a NH judge can not be questioned. Is not a judge subject to the opinion of a U.S. citizen for his job performance? Is not when a judge violates the constitution intentionally to harm natural born U.S. citizens constitute a crime? Does this not in the public's opinion make this judge a criminal? The NH governor used the State Police to harass my family at home and work. Now A judge uses the Sheriff's Dept. to harass me. I delivered one letter that I mentioned this Judges name, to the judge. The Deputy calls this harassment. I did it as a respectful jester to let the judge know what the people's opinion of his criminal acts are. The NH government calls what they are doing to me justifiable, not harassment..
I have every phone call, asked and told the VA suicide hot line person not to call me. I volunteer to help others. I have volunteered my time since I came back to the "World" in 74. I volunteer in hospitals, school, for the state, for the courts, county, local community and just helping strangers on the street. I have violated no laws. The State of NH can not stop me by taking my freedom, harassing my family, stopping my volunteering at schools and other public places so now the game is to make me commit suicide. The Public must be informed of the criminal acts committed by the people we trust in government. Ask your self why has my letter to the editor been censored. Why have my letters been censored from the NH Governor's eyes?
I have thought of suicide every day since I returned. What I did as a U.S. Marine to keep the U.S. free and safe just does not make since when you treat Veterans as second class citizens. You kill me and call it justifiable.
Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

Posted by: Peter | February 20, 2008 8:39 AM

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