A Change in Format for White House Watch

By Dan Froomkin
10:00 AM ET, 01/28/2009

Welcome to my new blog. It's the same old White House Watch, only different. A new presidency seemed like a good time to shake up my format, and this one has some distinct advantages. I hope you'll agree.

Back when I started writing about the White House, in January 2004, I chose to file once a day, in a long column broken up with subheads. I wasn't initially sure what direction the column would take. Since the Bush White House was so opaque, I figured there would be value in pulling together what little information there was in the public domain. As time went on, I grew attached to writing something that had a beginning, a middle and an end, at least in part because certain recurring themes often wound their way through the column.

But so much will be different with this administration, I decided a change in format was called for. One advantage of the new format is that each item will exist as its own post, allowing readers (and bloggers) to respond individually to the specific items. I'll also be keywording my posts, allowing me to build up rich resource pages on the key themes and key players of the new administration. On my side of things, the new production system won't have some of the annoying hang-ups of the old one, and I can embed relevant photos and video; on your side of things, it will make my work easier to follow via RSS and Twitter and so on.

I also expect that I'll be posting some items earlier in the day, rather than just once at mid-day -- and sometimes in the afternoons, as the situation warrants.

The format change will be gradual, as I tweak this and that -- partly in response to your comments. So let me know what you think.

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