Quick Takes

By Dan Froomkin
11:52 AM ET, 02/13/2009

Chris Soghoian writes for CNET that President Obama's vaunted BlackBerry could conceivably let enemies track the president's real-time physical location.

Robert Burns writes for the Associated Press: "President Barack Obama's go-slow approach to missile defenses in Europe is stirring speculation that he is planning either to deep-freeze the costly project he inherited from the Bush administration or use it as a bargaining chip in broader security talks with Russia."

Christi Parsons and Ray Long write for Tribune from Springfield, Ill.: "President Barack Obama returned Thursday to the city where he and Abraham Lincoln both first served the state and launched their national political careers, marking the Great Emancipator's 200th birthday by calling on Americans to draw strength from his example as they soldier through tough times."

Philip Elliott writes for the Associated Press: "President Barack Obama is getting away from Washington for a few days to his home in Chicago, leaving behind Cabinet headaches and a partisan divide over his economic stimulus package."

Matthew Richardson and Nouriel Roubini write in a Washington Post opinion piece: "The U.S. banking system is close to being insolvent, and unless we want to become like Japan in the 1990s -- or the United States in the 1930s -- the only way to save it is nationalization."

Lori Stahl writes in the Dallas Morning News: "Former President George W. Bush's first public speaking engagement since leaving office will be a lunch speech in Canada next month. Invitations are in the mail now, but the event is not open to the public. Bush, who has been at his Crawford ranch since leaving the White House Jan. 20, will 'share his thoughts on his eight momentous years in the Oval Office,' the invitation promises."

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