Want to Be an Obama Appointee?

By Dan Froomkin
11:53 AM ET, 02/12/2009

The White House Web site this morning launched a new job application feature, which "enables people everywhere to apply to be considered for a political appointment in President Obama's Administration."

All you have to do is "fill out your information, upload a resume, and tell us what kinds of positions you’re interested in."

Obama's transition team previously accepted job applications online on its Change.gov Web site. Whitehouse.gov now explains: "We’re looking to fill several thousand politically appointed positions in the Executive Branch. We’re already interviewing for many of the upper level positions, but will be reviewing applications and making decisions on appointments over the next few months. Remember, the WhiteHouse.gov jobs application is just for politically appointed positions in the Executive Branch of the government. These are positions that serve at the pleasure of the President and so are by definition temporary, not permanent. We have received more than 350,000 applications to date for several thousand positions; the selection process is very competitive and rigorous."

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