50 Days in 50 Seconds

By Dan Froomkin
12:06 PM ET, 03/11/2009

Steve Chaggaris reports for CBS News: "It's 50 days into the Barack Obama presidency and in the age of the Internet, 24-hour cable news and instant analysis, the world is being treated to an examination of the Obama presidency to date...

"Seven weeks into his presidency and Mr. Obama is still learning 'how to run the Executive Branch,' said CBS News Presidential Historian Douglas Brinkley. 'He's barely found the bathroom down the hall' and now he's being deluged with report cards of his nascent presidency."

ABC's Jake Tapper reports: "Well, you can disagree with what President Obama has done, but cannot accuse him of his dragging his feet. His first 50 days have been marked by action on nearly every issue under the sun. Of course, for his critics, that's exactly the problem."

Fox News's Sean Hannity recaps the mishaps of "the presidency of the annointed one, the messiah, Barack Obama."

And Karl Rove (via Hotline) says on Hannity's show: "They have got too much on their plate. They are not focused on the important things. They have got a decision-making structure that doesn't appear to stay focused on the big things. And they have failed to put people in place in critical agencies, particularly the Treasury Department....You know, it's 50 days, so you can't expect them to get everything right and get everything done. But, on the other hand, when it comes to the economy, they are off to, I think, a bad start."

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