Front Page News

By Dan Froomkin
12:35 PM ET, 03/ 5/2009

Who says the media isn't focusing on the important stuff?

Helene Cooper writes on the front page of today's New York Times: "Well, that didn’t take long. Just 44 days into the job, and President Obama is going gray....

"'I started noticing it toward the end of the campaign and leading up to inauguration,' says Deborah Willis, who, as co-author of 'Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs,' pored through 5,000 photographs of the first head over the last year.

"Mr. Obama’s graying is still of the flecked variety, and appears to wax and wane depending on when he gets his hair cut, which he does about every two weeks....

"For a guy who prides himself on projecting a stress-free demeanor, the changes above his temples are speckled evidence that perhaps the psychological and physical strains of the job — never mind the long process of winning it — are in fact taking something of a toll."

And it's not just the Times. The Washington Post has a similar story on its Style section front today. Philip Rucker writes: "Are times so stressful -- a plummeting economy and two wars -- that our young president is going grayer a mere six weeks into the job?

"Maybe 754 days is more like it. That's how long it's been, if you can believe it, since a baby-faced senator stood in the winter chill in Springfield, Ill., to declare his candidacy for president. With each debate, after every primary fight, it seems Barack Obama's tightly clipped hair became just a dash saltier."

In case you're wondering: "Obama's gray hairs are most prominent around his temples and atop his head, visible more clearly just before his regular trims."

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