What a Rush

By Dan Froomkin
12:09 PM ET, 03/ 3/2009

This is the kind of story that simply captivates the Washington media.

Peter Nicholas writes in the Los Angeles Times: "The Obama White House has begun advancing an aggressive political strategy: persuading the country that real power behind the Republican Party is not the GOP leaders in Congress or at the Republican National Committee, but rather provocative radio talk show king Rush Limbaugh.

"President Obama himself, along with top aides and outside Democratic allies, have been pushing the message in unison...

"In an interview Monday, David Axelrod, senior advisor to Obama, pressed the argument that the real GOP boss is Limbaugh: 'I don't see most of these Republican office holders heeling for [The new chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele] like they do for Limbaugh.'"

Howard Kurtz writes in The Washington Post: "If White House officials were trying to elevate Rush Limbaugh to the leader of the opposition, they may have succeeded....

"Limbaugh, a master at drawing media attention, has filled a vacuum for the GOP since the election, and Emanuel's comments served only to further boost his prominence."

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