Cartoon Watch

By Dan Froomkin
9:47 AM ET, 04/23/2009

Editorial cartoonists take a brutal look at the torture issue. Click on them all. Jim Morin on Cheneyboarding, Ann Telnaes on Cheney's defense, Stuart Carlson on Cheney's rationalizations, Tony Auth on Cheney's thinking, Matt Davies on Cheney's nightmare, Scott Stantis on the biggest victim, Tom Toles on tortured policy, Mike Luckovich on truth-telling, Joel Pett on the hypocrisy problem, Nick Anderson on accountability, Jim Day on enhanced prevarication techniques, Mike Keefe on the Republican vision, John Sherffius on the Bush/Cheney legacy, Rex Babin on Professor Yoo, Walt Handelsman on Obama's announcement, David Fitzimmons on Obama's tortured logic and John Trever on Obama's stressed position.

On some different notes, David Fitzsimmons on Obama's critics, Pat Bagley on the elephant in the room, Lisa Benson on Obama's budget sacrifices, Gary McCoy on Obama's apologies and Jake Fuller on Obama on the world stage.

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