Quick Takes

By Dan Froomkin
11:43 AM ET, 04/16/2009

Leonard Pitts Jr. writes in his Miami Herald column that one of his columns from earlier this month about torture drew suggestions "from a handful of Bush dead-enders" that he should "move on." But, Pitts writes, "there is much more to come. And much more at stake, frankly, than the feelings of an unpopular president or his partisans. By which I mean that need to get the lessons of history front and center -- in this case, to document the dangers of overreach, political expedience and ideological extremism. Bush has left us, unfortunately, many such lessons to learn. The best advice I can give his partisans, then, is to settle in for a very long ex-presidency. They think it's time we stopped talking about him? With apologies to The Carpenters, we've only just begun."

Jonathan Chait writes in the New Republic: "Bush veterans have systematically discovered that every flaw associated in the public mind with their hero turns out to be a defining trait of Obama. I am not a trained psychologist, but some form of projection seems to be at work."

Kathleen Gray writes in the Detroit Free Press: "Former President George W. Bush will give what could be his first post-presidency speech in the United States to members of the Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan on May 28."

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