Torture Watch

By Dan Froomkin
1:49 PM ET, 04/ 9/2009

Some of this may sound familiar to regular White House Watch readers. Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball write in Newsweek: "The CIA quietly moved scores of detainees out of its own 'black site' prisons in recent years and turned them over to foreign governments, refusing to provide the International Red Cross any information about their treatment or whereabouts, according to a report made public this week."

They add some information to what I reported on Tuesday. For instance, they note that although only 14 of the CIA's secret-prison detainees ended up at Guantanamo, "agency officials have confirmed that as many as 100 detainees had gone through the detention program after it was created following the 9/11 attacks. Then-Vice President Dick Cheney acknowledged late last year that 33 of those detainees were subjected to 'enhanced interrogation' techniques under the program. As the former Bush official pointed out, 'You can do the math'—meaning that most of the detainees in CIA custody (and who were being held in secret sites around the globe) were never sent to Guantánamo."

And the New York Times editorial board writes this morning that the ICRC report "underscores the need to have a full-scale investigation into these abusive practices and into who precisely participated in them. Only then will we know whether indictments or, in the case of physicians, the loss of medical licenses, are warranted."

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