Late Night Humor

By Dan Froomkin
10:01 AM ET, 05/19/2009

Stephen Colbert celebrates: "Barack Obama has finally seen the light! He is not going to release photos of detainee abuse -- and he's reinstituting military tribunals for detainees down in Guantanamo. I knew he was going to be transformative. But who knew he was going to transform into President Bush?"

If Obama truly intends to join the conservative "real world," Colbert says, he's going to need a few things, including "a magical unicorn whose tears cure homosexuality" and "a dictionary where 'socialism' and 'fascism' mean the same thing."

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Welcome to the Real World, Obama

Jon Stewart has one question for Obama after his Notre Dame commencement speech: "Why are you making us think?"

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And Wyatt Cenac explains to Stewart how Obama is like Cliff Huxtable.

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Barack Obama Is Cliff Huxtable
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