Online Humor

By Dan Froomkin
9:45 AM ET, 05/27/2009

The Economist's pseudononymous Lexington writes that President Obama baffles most comedians: "David Letterman, a talk-show host, describes him as 'cogent, eloquent, and in complete command of the issues' and sighs: 'What the hell am I supposed to do with that?'"

But the one exception to the rule is The Onion, Lexington writes. "Hence the headline that greeted Mr Obama's election victory: 'Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job'. The Onion News Network, an online video venture, did a segment entitled 'Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters to Realise How Empty Their Lives Are'."

Furthermore, "the way more serious journalists fawn over the new president offers an irresistible target. 'Media Having Trouble Finding Right Angle on Obama's Double Homicide', the Onion reported last month. '"I know there's a story in there somewhere,"' said the editor of Newsweek, after Mr Obama brutally murdered a suburban couple."

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