Late Night Humor

By Dan Froomkin
9:51 AM ET, 06/ 2/2009

Stephen Colbert on Obama's Sotomayor nomination: "There wasn't a single white male on his shortlist. That sends a terrible message to all the little white boys out there who dream of one day having their judicial reputations destroyed by the media."

And Colbert explains the term "reverse racist": "We call it that, because it's the opposite of the way you're supposed to be a racist."

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Jon Stewart reports on how the Obamas spend a fairy tale evening in New York, but not everybody was charmed. Includes another great Fox News montage.

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And, via U.S. News, Craig Ferguson: "Dick Cheney said today, he supports gay marriage....I think he only supports gay marriage because he sees marriage as a form of torture, but anyway, he supports it."

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