Watch Froomkin

By Dan Froomkin
1:01 PM ET, 06/ 1/2009

I was one of four White House journalists featured in an IFC Media Project documentary last night, which is also available (for $1.99) on itunes.

Host Gideon Yago's crew interviewed Julie Mason of the Washington Examiner, April Ryan of American Urban Radio, Ed Henry of CNN and me. I suggested that President Obama has yet to live up to his promises of transparency. (Building on my post from last week, Obama's Not-So-Open Government.)

Yago said he started off with a pretty cynical view of the White House press corps -- but eventually changed his mind. "I was wrong," he said. "The White House press corps is essential. Sure, some days they emerge from their cave-like offices just to cover the first dog. But most of the time I spent with them, they were mining [a] narrow vein of truth, and keeping watch."

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