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I made it out of the hotel thanks to some snowshoes and made my way through the snow-packed Denver streets to a little slice of heaven called Sports Column, a cool sports bar that sits directly across the street from Coors Field. If you think a little thing like a blizzard is going to keep me from having a good time then, well, you just down know me.

Here's a taste of life in Denver these days:


And if you want to know what life as a Vikings fan is like, check out this picture:

Ivan's goofy face.bmp

I'm awaiting the tipoff of Wizards/Kings while watching my Vikes put up one of the worst offensive performances in NFL history. Does any team in football appreciate a three-year pass on third-and-9 quite like my Vikes? At least the kid, T-Jax is getting a look. Too bad his receivers couldn't even play at my alma mater, St.Olaf. Seriously, if you want to know what it's like to be a Vikings fan, go outside, bash your head into a wall and then spin around a bat 15 times. Feeling dizzy? So am I. Bring back Mike Tice or Jerry Burns.
The Wiz need a good effort from the bench tonight. That's what killed them against Denver on Monday night which was also the last time I earned a living. Can't blame me baby. It's all on mother nature. Check into the blog during the game and let's break it down. That means you bernard king.......

By Ivan Carter |  December 21, 2006; 9:59 PM ET
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Which looks worse the Wizards uniforms (gold tops navy bottoms) or the Vikes offense?
Pound for pound Antonio Winfield is the best in the National Football League.
Would AI have been better off with the Wolves and KG?

Posted by: IC #1 on the field & in your heart | December 21, 2006 10:46 PM

holy crap... deshawn with the clean look...

keep the 'locks!!


Posted by: hmmmmm | December 21, 2006 11:03 PM

and yes, i think AI in minni with KG would have been a great fit. not as much b&m from people about who's going to shoot between him and melo... but i'm glad it didn't happen cuz there's still hope for us crazy wizard fans to think of a kg trade to lez boulez for jamison, haywood, jarvis and some draft pic..... ;-) (yes it's crazy and not going to happen, but isn't that what the internet is for???? ;p)

Posted by: hmmmmm | December 21, 2006 11:07 PM

why oh why doesn't eddie call time outs? 6-2, then 10-2, then we are taking horrible shots, then 14-2 - finally a timeout.

also, how about a defensive adjustment on miller?

Posted by: charles jones | December 21, 2006 11:13 PM

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