Wiz at Bucks II

The last time the Wizards visited Milwaukee, they pounced on the Bucks right from the start and cruised to a 101-77 win. The Bucks, who played without Michael Redd that game, were booed all night. Redd will play tonight. For what it's worth, the books have the Wizards installed as two point favorites.

Interesting game between the Magic and Celtics right now (it's the second quarter). A Magic loss combined with a Wiz win would bring the Wiz within a game of Southeast Division lead. Personally, I can't get a read on Orlando. Are they legit? A win today over the C's would be revealing.

One key to tonight's game will be ball movement. Eddie Jordan was not happy after the blowout loss at Cleveland and even the win over Memphis the other night because he felt that guys were taking shots too early in the shot clock and not doing a good enough job of running the offense. After the first quarter against Memphis, the cuts simply weren't as sharp, the passes weren't as crisp and the overall flow was bad.

Reasons not to go out in Georgetown: some college gal puked on my fresh new air force ones last night. Not cool. Should've stayed home. And this from a Milwaukee cab driver on my way from the airport to the hotel today: "It's time for Favre to call it quits. We gotta' move on." Never thought I'd hear those words in this state

By Ivan Carter |  January 27, 2008; 1:42 PM ET
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I am glad EJ is hammering home the point about ball movement. When the Wizards passing is crisp and they are racking up the assists, the offense is pretty damn lethal. And even with the Bucks struggling, when Redd is playing the Wizards have had trouble in Milwaukee recently. The Wizards need to get back to the winning formula.

Posted by: George Templeton | January 27, 2008 2:32 PM

Sorry to hear about the shoes, Ivan. But now you've got an excuse to switch to Gil Zeros.

Posted by: John Brisker | January 27, 2008 3:00 PM

This is why I prefer the Air Force II. The AF1 tended to stretch out causing your foot to slip if not laced super-duper tight. After about 30 minutes, you would actually slide around in the shoe. Slows the footwork.

No way you get puked on if you wore AFII's - less ballyhooed, but like a second skin. Much crisper changes of direction.

Don't get me started on AFIIIs. Prettier than the IIs, but like phonebooks tied to your feet.

Wiz by 6.

Posted by: Pauly B. | January 27, 2008 3:24 PM

Did you bust a cap in her head after she puked?

Posted by: DC Man88 | January 27, 2008 5:34 PM

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