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Boston Celtics

Looks like we're leaving everybody in the dust again. (Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

It was a little more than a week ago when Celtics Coach Doc Rivers thought he had the "most miserable 8-2 team in the world." The defending champs were winning games, but they weren't winning in the same fashion as a year ago. Now that they have won five in a row, following an impressive 15-point victory in Toronto on Sunday, the Celtics have the same record as last season, but the team is still taking note of its flaws. Boston is seeking perfection, which is a pretty good way to avoid complacency.

The Celtics cruised through the first 12 games, then decided to hit the accelerator when the new-look Detroit Pistons came to town last Thursday. Boston beat Iverson and the Bad Boys, 98-80, and proved that despite the loss of James Posey, the Celtics (13-2) still have more than enough with Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. They remain the team to beat in the East.

By Michael Lee |  November 24, 2008; 9:34 AM ET MMPG: Week 4
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It is very sad that a team that struggled to make the playoffs for 20 years fires a coach who took them to 4 playoffs in 5 years he was here gets fired his first bad year when his 111 million dollar player and his only good big man are hurt. This was a horrible move and only epitimizes what Wizards basketball has become in the last 20 years. As soon you do get a good coach you fire him first chance you get. What a joke, I am serioulsy going to find a new team to root for, At least until Abe Pollin is gone. This is truly pathetic and embarrasing for him to be fired. I feel bad for him and at the same time Im happy for him that he gets to move on from this joke of a team. The Onlt time he had a fully healthy squad we were the best team in the league and he was coaching the all star game. That obviously tells me that HE wasnt the problem.

Posted by: dolina531 | November 24, 2008 10:30 AM

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