Bulls to Visit Obama

I just got confirmation that the Chicago Bulls will visit President Barack Obama at the White House this afternoon, adding more fuel to the speculation that Obama will be at the Verizon Center on Friday to see his beloved Bulls take on the Washington Wizards.

After their 111-99 loss in New Jersey on Wednesday, the new-look Bulls were supposed to practice this morning at Trinity College, but those plans understandably were scrapped. Hey, who skips the President to practice?

The Bulls are the first professional sports franchise to visit the White House since Obama's inauguration last month. It's well-known that Obama is the first baller in the White House and rooted for the Bulls while in Chicago. Word has it that one of the motivating factors for the Boston Celtics' repeat efforts is that they want to be the first championship team to visit Obama. With the number of players who supported Obama during the campaign, you would expect that LeBron James, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul would like to beat fellow Obama supporter Kevin Garnett to the punch.

Since the Bulls have no shot at winning the title this summer, at least now they will have a leg up on the rest of the league in something. But when is President Obama going to invite his new home team?

By Michael Lee |  February 26, 2009; 2:06 PM ET
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Don't you have to win something (or at least have a winning record) to visit the White House?

Can anyone think of a worse team to visit the White House?

Posted by: fifthstop | February 26, 2009 3:02 PM

The Wizards can visit Obama as mascots for the economy. Both have been beaten down but are looking to rebound.

Posted by: tundey | February 26, 2009 3:21 PM

I'm a native Detroiter and die-hard Bulls hater, and I've got no problem with it. Obama has never made a secret of being a die-hard loyalist to all things Chicago. I thinks it's kind of refreshing and honest that, even as president, he wears his sports allegiances on his sleeve, rather than adopting some pretense of neutrality, like a lot of in-the-spotlight politicians.

Posted by: kalo_rama | February 26, 2009 3:24 PM

Hey Michael,

Why do we care about the Bulls or Obama? THIS IS A WASHINGTON WIZARDS BLOG!!!

Posted by: Danno1313 | February 26, 2009 4:06 PM

Why would he want to invite a bunch of losers to the White House?

Posted by: ENJOYA | February 26, 2009 4:09 PM

It all makes sense now. If Obama's there, look for Gil to play.

That's why Gil tells ETaps to hush up the practice thing, and then announces it himself days before what could be the first Wiz game Obama attends...

Its a bit of a leap I know, but it wouldn't be out of character...

Posted by: jones-y | February 26, 2009 5:06 PM

Do visiting teams usually practice at places like Trinity College? I've always assumed that they would just practice at the Verizon Center.

It's wishful thinking, but I'd love Obama to attend a Wizards game wearing one of those Obama-Arenas 08 Black Presidents t-shirts.

Posted by: disgruntledfan | February 26, 2009 5:07 PM

Does this mean Gilby will take the court for the Bulls game? After all, he got a tattoo just for the prez.

Posted by: DC_MAN88 | February 26, 2009 7:14 PM

kalorama: "I'm a native Detroiter and die-hard Bulls hater..."

Mind talking Pistons for a minute? I was very impressed at the way they brought in young talent and let it develop behind a very solid starting lineup. Stuckey, Afflalo, Jason I-forget-his-name, Amir Johnson. But now I'm beginning to wonder how much problem they'll have transitioning those guys to starting roles. Are they looking at a slump, the way the Wiz are?

Posted by: Samson151 | February 26, 2009 10:07 PM

The Pistons' young guys aren't really being groomed into starting roles. Aside from Stuckey (who's already starting), none of their young guys have real star potential (just like the Wiz). Afflalo and Maxiell are backups. Johnson has been in and out of the starting lineup, but he's an out of H.S. kid the same age as Blatche. He's got potential but still needs to grow some, literally and figuratively.

The Pistons are going to have upwards of $20 mill in cap space this summer when they clear Wallace and Iverson (and a couple of other) off their cap. Joe D's plan is to go after a big name FA or two (Bosh is their most likely target) to plug into the starting lineup with Rip, Prince, and Stuckey, thinking that'll put them back into the thick of the East without having to go through an extended down period. He's taking a lot of heat for the meltdown the Pistons are currently going through, but the truth is that they weren't going to win a title even with Billups. They would have been more successful in the regular season, and may have even gotten back to the East Finals, but they wouldn't have gotten further than that. Dumars realized that and was willing to take a step back in order to position himself to take a big step forward.

Posted by: kalo_rama | February 26, 2009 10:49 PM

kalorama:"Dumars realized that and was willing to take a step back in order to position himself to take a big step forward."

Makes sense. And so does Chris Bosh -- in some ways, he was the most impressive of the Dream Teamers. A guy I wouldn't have predicted would be that good, coming out of college. Glad he didn't go to the Knicks or someplace like that, where he'd have to endure all that drama.

Sounds like there's no place for Iverson in Detroit, then...

Posted by: Samson151 | February 27, 2009 7:12 AM

I doubt keeping Iverson past this season was ever really an option.

Posted by: kalo_rama | February 27, 2009 12:40 PM

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