Grizzlies 113, Wizards 97

Interim coach Ed Tapscott summed it up this way: "That was the worst effort I've seen since I've been here."

It was bad. The Wizards lost to the 12-win Grizzlies, who had lost 12 straight coming into the game, because of a terrible stretch at the end of the third quarter when the Grizz went on a 19-2 run that featured several easy dunks and lay ups.

At one point, the Wizards turned the ball over on six straight possessions. O.J. Mayo finished with 33 points and punked the Wizards late by throwing down a dunk at the buzzer long after the game had been decided.

Tapscott didn't have a problem with that but did take issue with his team: "Nah, that's a young player playing with exuberance. They just snapped a long slide. And, it wasn't like we were exactly hustling back to stop him so, if there is any blame to be assessed, it's on us. Whose job is it to stop them? Ours. So, if that isn't done, don't blame them, blame us."

The worst part is that the Wizards' young fellas (Dominic McGuire, JaVale McGee, Javaris Crittenton and Nick Young) all played good minutes and were overmatched by the youthful Grizzlies. Marc Gasol had 22 and 11, Mayo had 33 and Rudy Gay had 23 and 8.

By Ivan Carter |  February 2, 2009; 10:48 PM ET
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Posted by: erniegone | February 2, 2009 11:03 PM

How about replacing Ernie G with an interim GM to go with our interim coach and interim players?
Time to swap players!

Posted by: JoeC2 | February 2, 2009 11:15 PM

Any more doubt the team has quit on Tapscott?

Caron Butler with SIX turnovers...again

But worst of all is the Deshawn Stevenson news. Stevensons presence on the court is not what I am talking about....another misdiagnoses?

It would be one thing if this were an isolated incident, but DS did not even make it 2 games before his back went out again, and this comes off the heels of numerous players in this organization not properly healing their bodies.

It seems as though the coaching staff and training staff are equally inept, because there is no way the Wizards should get run off their home floor by a team on a 12 game losing streak.

Tapscott needs to go NOW.

Posted by: UltimateFootballNetwork | February 2, 2009 11:30 PM

That was a disgusting performance. I bet someone had a heck of a Super Bowl party last night. Slow and sloppy, as they've been all season. Caron has become the Turnover King.

Posted by: rbelleisle | February 2, 2009 11:34 PM

Wow, that sucked. Pretty clear now that poor old ETapps couldn't coach a team of homing pigeons.

Posted by: ArchieTambo | February 3, 2009 12:49 AM

Ivan, worst of all was Tap still going to Songaila for 17 minutes. It honestly seemed like Tap was just dying to get Songaila back in the game but he just continued to commit fouls. Thank god for foul trouble, otherwise we probably would've seen 30 minutes of Songaila being COMPLETELY abused by Gasol. 3pts, 2 boards, 2assists? Tap's assertion that Songaila plays over McGee because of match up problems and that intangible "veteran" quality reared it's ugly head tonight. Name one starting center/PF in the league who Songaila actually matches up against?? I can't think of any. a guy who's 6'9 with a 4 inch vertical will have trouble realistically matching up against ANYONE in the NBA.

Songaila's totals are becoming more of a trend than an aberration. If it wasn't for this arbitrary formula by Tap to justify starting Songaila, McGee would've already proven he belongs in the starting 5. If McGee had a game like Songaila did tonight, he'd see ZERO minutes the next game.

10-38 affords the luxury of experimenting with the young guys. Songaila should trade sit where Arenas sits during games: in the locker room in front of the XBOX360.

Ivan, perhaps you could ask Tap "What would've happened if McGee had had the same game tonight that Songaila did? Would he ever play again??"

Posted by: superwilks | February 3, 2009 12:50 AM

Also, kind of funny that the report stated that Stevenson's back has been bothering him the last few days. Isn't that basically how long he's been back? Seems like Tap really rushed Stevenson's return for no reason. He must really have a thing for that guy. The way this season has gone, let the injured bodies stay out of the lineup and recover as long as it takes to get to 100%.

Posted by: superwilks | February 3, 2009 12:52 AM

Hey Ernie, is this team better then 1-10 now?? The flipping Grizzlies are better then you are. Yikes!

"Caron has become the Turnover King."

I've said this before on here, Caron clearly does not care and lost all motivation to play. It's been this way for some time and this is disturbing to me. When times are bad, your true colors tend to come out. He should be setting an example for the team right now and he's clearly not. All I keep hearing is how Caron wants to be an "All-Star." Yeah right, very selfish. Unfortunately I think we're all starting to see why he's been traded as much as he has. Maybe the Wiz should start contemplating the same thing, they will have the 1st pick in the draft after all.

From now on he should be called "apple juice" from all of those turn overs. ;)

Tell him Ivan. :)

- Ray

Posted by: rmcazz | February 3, 2009 12:58 AM

McGee +/- -21 26 mins
Songalia +/- +7 20 mins

JC +/- -20 19 mins
James +/- +1 21 mins

Now considering everyone played enough mins for this stat to matter and they all played mins when the game was in doubt - it is telling for this game.

Huh, guess the little things and experience DO matter even though neither veteran necessarily played outstanding either.

Also, NOTICE McGee played more mins than Songalia!!!!!!!!!

But, more nonsense in here as usual. Ultimate, perhaps, just perhaps, the team has quit on the SEASON? Did they quit on EJ when they started 1-10? What is with all the assumptions made to bend things to your own agenda? Tap must be fired? Really...what does that accomplish - 3 losing head coaches in one season - maybe we should go for 4? Does McGee need 3 head coaches in his head in his first season? Is that good for his development? Give me a break!

Posted by: rphilli721 | February 3, 2009 6:13 AM

so much for playing the young guys, as some of you have been asking. The young guys are just terrible. Young, Crit, McGuire, Pec have no place on an NBA roster. Each of them has at least one huge hole in his game. Like a tennis player with no backhand and a weak serve, the opponent just drills the weaknesses over and over. I was embarrassed for them last night. If the NBA were run like Wall Street Grunfield and company would be up for some major bonuses.

Posted by: stevie2 | February 3, 2009 7:28 AM

If Taps likes 7 game brackets, then he should go with Crit, Young, Butler, Jamison and McGee as starters for the next seven.

If the young guys don't show improvement when given the reigns (and patience for silly mistakes), then bench them for the rest of the year.

Posted by: Izman | February 3, 2009 7:44 AM

The Griz Kids looked better than the Wiz Kids. Guess that fits -- they were a little more talented coming out of school. Gasol in particular overmatched whoever the Wiz threw against him, but then he had more time against older players in Europe.

Mayo looks like the real thing to me. Maybe he won't ever be a true PG, but he sure can score. He seems to be hitting the jumper better than he did in college, although he's still streaky. And what a leaper -- he's going to embarrass a lot of players over the next couple years.

To me, the Grizz look like they should have won more games than they have.

Posted by: Samson151 | February 3, 2009 8:01 AM

This whole frigging team SUCKS! From the GM to the Coaches to the Players! I cannot believe that Ernie Grunfeld can look at this mess called the Wizards and be okay with the product on the floor. The fans needs to stop going to these games and keep their money in their pockets. Hell, I even turned down free tickets for last nights game. And to the poster who spoke on Caron, you are 100% correct. I don't know how he thought he would even be considered with the boneheaded turnovers he has been making for the last couple of months. These guys are collecting paychecks and giving nothing for their wages. What a friggin embarassment they are to the city! ALL OF THEM! THE WHOLE SUCKING ORGANIZATION! Teams that need a pick me up are salivating to play the Wizards. Hell, I don't think they could even beat some of the top ranked college teams. Why in the heck do they think President Obama would want to come and play with them.

Sorry for the rant but as a long time fan, I am sick of it!

Posted by: ivyleague | February 3, 2009 8:15 AM

My gosh, the Wizards lost. What a shame. I was really looking forward to that 30-game win streak carrying us to the playoffs, but so much for that.

The lack of effort rests solely on the veterans. It was pitiful to watch Butler and Jamison tonight give up ridiculously easy baskets and completely unprofessional turnovers (how many times did Butler and/or Jamison pass the ball straight out of bounds?).

McGuire had a particularly poor night turning the ball over, but I can live with that from a youngster that works hard and is gaining experience.

News flash: even if Tapscott played Songaila or Mike James 30+ minutes, the Wizards are still losing this game. He did the right thing by playing the youngsters some good minutes. It isn't the youngsters that are quitting on this team. He needs to give Caron and Antawn something to think about (especially Caron).

Posted by: psps23 | February 3, 2009 8:41 AM

The worst part is that the Wizards' young fellas (Dominic McGuire, JaVale McGee, Javaris Crittenton and Nick Young) all played good minutes and were overmatched by the youthful Grizzlies. Marc Gasol had 22 and 11, Mayo had 33 and Rudy Gay had 23 and 8.

Posted by Ivan Carter

Sorry Ivan I have to take issue with this statement. What you said is true, but what is the reason their young players played better then our young players?

1/ They get minutes. They lost 12 in a row, but they got minutes during those L's to learn and grow.

2/ They do not have two veteran "borderline" All Stars that are getting 38 minutes a game, another veteran with a bad back and knee getting 35 minutes a game, a 2nd string veteran power forward playing 30 to 35 minutes at the center spot, and a 30 something combo/guard getting big minutes at the "1" blocking or young guys playing time.

3/ They have a coach who knows he has a young team so he is letting them run vs. trying to slow them down to play halfcourt sets that is an outdated offense that is fixed to get the ball to Caron and AJ every possession.

4/ They have a team that is commited to developing their young players win or lose. This is the first time that all of the young guys actually got a long run together, so this was their first game really. How long have the Grizz young guys been getting "good minutes" together vs. our young guys?

5/ Who was the final five on the court until 25 seconds when the game was lost with 2:20 minutes left in the game? You guessed it, AJ, Caron, Song, James and NY (only because Stevenson was out, because Stevenson whould have been out there you better believe it). Enough said there.

6/ This all goes back to having a coach who does not know what he is doing and it really showing now.

Again, I did not disagree with EJ being fired at that time in Nov. because it looked like EJ had lost his fire, he would not give AB any minutes, playing Song. at the "5" and using crazy rotations is what did it for me with EJ.

Man, I thought when Tapscott came in we would get a 180 in coaching ideas. Man was I wrong.

Posted by: BulletsFever | February 3, 2009 8:54 AM

I watched a little of the game last night, and if I was given enough money to buy the Griz or the Wiz, based on player personnel talent alone, I would not hesitate to take the Griz. They've got at least 4 young guys who look like they're going to be really good (think atlanta hawks), while the Wiz young guys, save Javale, look like they'll be marginal starters at best.

I can only conclude that the window for the Wiz to be competitive seems to be shut/ting with only one trip to the second round of the playoffs. Unless, of course, Gil comes back as the real Gil and somehow one of their draft pick is the real deal (doubtful)

Posted by: ZardsFan1 | February 3, 2009 9:02 AM

so much for playing the young guys, as some of you have been asking

So the younger plays got outperformed one game and it's time to pull the plug on the change? Because the wiser choice is to go back to veterans which will help the Wizards win 22 games?

Let's see, play the young guys and they'll win 18 games. Yeah, they'll look bad, get outplayed, and be overmatched.

Or play veterans who (James, Songaila, Thomas, Dixon) in a year or two won't be on the team and win 22 games.

This season is lost. Done. Finished. Over.

The goal now, it seems to me, is to try and develop the younger players upon which you'll need to build the future.

Especially if - as I think - Arenas will be only a shadow of his former self.

Posted by: SteveMG | February 3, 2009 9:06 AM

The Youngins on the Grizzlies are better than our youngins. The Numbers dont lie. Conley, Mayo, Gay were all at least top 10 picks.

Young, McGuire, Crittenton, Blatche, Pecherov. There are two 2nd rounders in there and no one drafted higher than 16.

So therefore, the more talented team won tonight.

Posted by: vwilli1 | February 3, 2009 9:08 AM

Since Ivan Carter seems to have a secret love affair with the vets on this team, I am not surprised by this stupid quote, “The worst part is that the Wizards' young fellas (Dominic McGuire, JaVale McGee, Javaris Crittenton and Nick Young) all played good minutes and were overmatched by the youthful Grizzlies.”

What a lousy attempt to “stick it” to all the fans who have been pulling for the youngsters to get more minutes. I cannot recall the last time Ivan Carter has called out a veteran leader (AJ or Caron) on this pathetic team. But Ivan Carter has absolutely no problem calling out the youngsters (NY, AB). Way to go Ivan Carter.

Based on that quote, you would think that the Grizzlies “youngsters” are a bunch of D-Leaguers. Guess what Ivan, they were all more “highly touted” coming out of college than any of the Wizards youngsters. Mayo, Gay, and Connelly were all lottery picks Ivan. Of all the Wizards youngsters, how many were lottery picks? I think none. But you are a professional sports writer, you should know that, right Ivan?

To suggest that the “Wizards youngsters being overmatched by the youthful Grizzlies” was the worst part of the loss, is pathetic writing. The Grizzlies have one of the most talented groups of “young fellas” in the NBA. Sure, their record doesn’t say much (it’s still better than the Wizards though), but their young players are STARTING and playing BIG MINUTES. Let me tell you Ivan, the worst part of that loss is that the Grizzlies do not have any all-star veterans on their roster, and STILL beat the Wizards. CB and AJ played 41 and 45 minutes respectively. So what does that tell you about the Wizards “veteran all-stars”? Be a man Ivan, and call out the players who actually deserve to be called out. Way to take the high road and call out the young players who are still learning to play in the NBA. Again, the Grizzlies have zero all-stars on their roster, yet they still handled the Wizards handily. By the way again, CB and AJ played 41 and 45 minutes respectively. Please start being an honest sports writer and point the blame where it needs to be pointed, it’s not that blurry my friend.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 9:25 AM

"but what is the reason their young players played better then our young players?"

Because their young players are better than our young players.

Posted by: kalo_rama | February 3, 2009 9:45 AM

Good posts by BulletsFever and CJ. What was most concerning to me was that Rudy Gay either outplayed Caron, or at worst it was a draw.

I disagree with the posts (including Ivan's), however, pinning this blame on one person or another. You win and lose as a team, and after a loss like this, everyone deserves their share. On that one egregious play when only McGuire got back on defense, for example, James, Jamison and McGee jogged back, and Butler didn't even make it to half court. And then McGuire turned the ball over on the inbound. So all 5 guys screwed up in the course of 5 seconds.

And then Tapscott screwed up -- he called a timeout and told them if they didn't get back on defense again, they would come out. Why give them a second chance? Oh, that's right, because Caron and Antawn were involved.

Posted by: disgruntledfan | February 3, 2009 9:48 AM

To add on to my previous post re: Ivan Carter’s one sided, and horrible writing. Here is a tidbit for you Ivan:

Mayo, Conley, and Gay were the 3rd, 4th, and 8th picks respectively in their draft years.
Young, McGee, and Dominic were the 16th, 18th and 47th picks respectively in their draft years.

Mayo, Conley, and Gay average 37.8, 26.2, and 37.3 mpg, respectively. That’s an average of 33.8 minutes per game.
Young, McGee, and Dominic average 21.1, 14.3, and 20.7 mpg, respectively. That’s and average of 18.7 minutes per game.

So you tell me Ivan, based on those hardcore facts, which group of youngsters do you think is going to develop faster, and which group do you think is better equipped to have the game on their shoulders? It’s not rocket science.

To even remotely suggest that the Wizards youngsters getting outplayed by the Grizzlies youngsters was the worst part of the loss, is absolutely sad and pathetic.

I am starting to think that Ivan Carter has been going to the Jason La Canfora writing school. Way to go on another excellent piece Ivan.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 9:48 AM

Other notes on the game last night:

-I was at the game, and the crowd was the worst I have ever seen. Pretty bad.

-I was sitting 4 rows from the court, and Caron Butler was matched up with Rudy Gay A LOT. To blame the youngsters for Gay having a good game is pretty bad.

-Mike James was matched up with Mayo and Conley just as much as NY was.

-Antawn Jamison looked to pass the ball maybe once all game, yet he takes absolutely no heat from media and coaches. (I like AJ, but it’s time to start being real)

-Oleksiy Pecherov belongs nowhere near an NBA court. He looked like a lost soul out there. When he first entered the game his jersey was un-tucked, and that gave the Wizards a delay of game warning. I personally heard the ref yell, “tuck it in son!”. Pecherov looked like he had no clue what the ref was talking about. Then he proceeded to get abused by Marc Gasol on the defensive end. Pretty ugly. For those who are vouching for him to get minutes, please stop.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 10:01 AM


Good call! those MPG #'s don't lie. Give someone lots of time and they develop faster. Sure we as fans have been screaming for it ever since the 1-10 start, but the Coach has only started to get on that same kick the last few weeks. This has caused a "fissure" in their development while the Grizzlies have two great young scorers developing and playing heavy minutes(Mayo/Gay).

Posted by: BurgwithaU | February 3, 2009 10:07 AM

Well said CJ.

Posted by: Dave381 | February 3, 2009 10:15 AM

Burhwithau: Exactly. We as fans have been calling for it for a long time (youngsters getting minutes). Yet Ivan Carter has consistently rebutted that, and sounds like he is working for either Eddie Jordan, or he is co-chair of the AJ/CB/DS/DSong fan club. I am not sure which one. Then Ivan proceeds to say the worst part of the loss was the fact that Grizzlies outplayed the Wizards youngsters. I simply cannot get over that. He does even touch on the fact that AJ and CB played more minutes than ANYONE in the game, on either team. Yet somehow the loss equates to the Wizards youngsters being outplayed by the Grizzlies. Am I missing something?

The grizzlies have an extremely talented core of young players. They have decided to be patient and build their team around youth and the draft. I am not saying they will be NBA champs in 5 years, but I am willing to bet that if this young group stays together, and they add a few role players, they can easily be a playoff team in 2-3 years. The Grizzlies talented team, more so than the Wizards, they’re just young. It’s pretty simple.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 10:18 AM

This is the problem for not preparing the youngsters, rookies, new players that the team had when Eddie Jordan was here. The focus has been Arenas, Jamison and Butler without putting attention to improving the other players around them. The rest of the league have progressed with their young core.

Sorry to say, but Jamison and Butler can't carry a team. I don't think the young guys respect them too much because of their selfish play. Both take too many shot attempts with very low success rate. Both of them can't defend either. You can score 20 pts per game, but if you can't defend and have too many turnovers, then that offsets your contribution to the game.

I think the Wizards need a diciplinary in your face type coach to set all of them straight.

Posted by: bdunkadunk | February 3, 2009 10:21 AM

A NOTE TO CJ658: Ivan is telling the truth there(Memphis)young fellas "ARE" better than our young fellas that is not an attempt to belittle our young players the vets know EG screwed the season by bringing Tapscott on board to coach;FOR THE ONE THOUSANDTH TIME THE VETERANS KNOW THAT TAPSCOTT IS A SEAT WARMER SO WHY BOTHER!!!! and don't give me that krap about pride because EG eroroded all team pride by firing Jordan just eleven games into the season!! do any of you EG supporters have any idea what effect that had on the team? continuity on offense and defense, confidence in the system Jordan had set up, familiarity with the plays in crunch time,players willing to give 100% all the time I was shocked at how some of you so casually threw Jordan overboard after he was fired, and calling out the veterans PLEASE!!! Get a clue Cj658 the Grizzlies have very good players in Mayo and Gay also Marc Gasol is no piker Conley is very good point guard so don't throw the vets under the bus after this loss the Grizz have a new coach in Lionel Hollins who sholud have an impact on the younger players its not like we're blowing our chance to make the playoffs with this loss your boy Grunfeld took care of that when he fired Jordan.

Posted by: dargregmag | February 3, 2009 10:39 AM

DARGREGMAG: Actually you are the one who needs to get a clue. Somehow every problem that the Wizards are currently experiencing somehow point back to Eddie Jordan, each time you make a statement. You continue to act as if Eddie Jordan was a good coach, knock it off. 3 straight 1st round losses are unacceptable. Letting your star player run all over you and disrespect you in unacceptable. But that’s enough of that.

Ivan was taking a cheap shot at all the fans who have been vouching for minutes for the youngsters. You failed to understand my point. My point was AJ and CB played over 40 minutes last night, yet Ivan decides to say the worst part of the loss was the youngsters getting outplayed. He does not mention CB or Antawn once. He decides to take the sissy way out and essentially blame the loss on NY and company. CB were on the court more than anyone last night, so wouldn’t one think that they were the ones who were out played? AJ basically played the entire game, only sitting for 3 minutes. Get a clue Dargregmag. Eddie is gone, GET OVER IT MAN!!!!!!!

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 10:57 AM

I agree with the general run of comments here. The Grizz kids are much higher draft picks and get more PT. Those two factors add up to their young guys performing better than ours.

It's also one game; to make too much of it would be a mistake. I'm just glad we're continuing to lead in the race for the #1 pick.

Posted by: keithward64 | February 3, 2009 11:22 AM

I think what Ivan was trying to say if i might defend him(he needs no defending from me) is that a lot of people are screaming for minutes from our young guys when that was not the plan when the season began that's why i'm on the fire EG bandwagon you fire Jordan cost the franchise eight million in the process and we're still playing the vets as if we are going to make the playoffs if your plan was to rebuild with young guys then why did you sign AJ and Gil to huge contract's

Posted by: dargregmag | February 3, 2009 11:24 AM

I am not going to make this a tit for tat cj658 three first round exits from the playoffs unnaceptable? you're kidding right? Are you even remotely aware of this franchises history before Jordan came onboard yet you act as if you've got a plan or a solution to this mess that EG started, and by the way when you're Gm doesn't have the stone's to back you when you're star player acts like an ass don't blame the coach the coach and the gm should be on the same page about everything;the draft,trades, player discipline, this is what's behind all the recent firings of coach's this season in the NBA, the GM's think they know it all and how has that worked out for most of these club's? If you ask people in the know(NBA people) Jordan was one of the better coach's around he got the most out of this roster but cj658 you act as if Jordan was some kind of goofball This team with Deshawn Stevenson beat the Celtics three out of four last year and the main reason? JORDAN!! he outcoached Doc Rivers, Rivers even admitted it in the postgame press conference but this is a coach you didn't think was worth keeping and just for the record it isn't the point of getting over anyone its the aspect of team continuity which is huge in the NBA after seeing what this team was like before Jordan arrived i don't see how any of you so called "fans" can be happy with the current state of this franchise.

Posted by: dargregmag | February 3, 2009 12:25 PM

The worst part is that the Wizards' young fellas (Dominic McGuire, JaVale McGee, Javaris Crittenton and Nick Young) all played good minutes and were overmatched by the youthful Grizzlies. Marc Gasol had 22 and 11, Mayo had 33 and Rudy Gay had 23 and 8.

By Ivan Carter
Overmatched? C'mon!! Who played "defense" on Mayo for most of the game? It wasn't the "young fellas!" Who got their lunch taken by Rudy Gay? It wasn't the "young fellas!" Who damn near fouled out in the first quarter trying to guard Gasol? It certainly wasn't the "young fellas!" I will be the first to admit that our young guys did not do as much as the guys from Memphis. But the Memphis young guys start and play "Antawn" and "Caron" minutes every game. Our guys are being setup to fail again next season due to inexperience. I guarantee that Crittenton, Young, Pech and McGee would score 30 points each if they were guarded by Mike James, Caron Butler, Atawn Jamison and Darius Songalia for 35 minutes a game.

Posted by: hamptonpirates89 | February 3, 2009 12:53 PM

I have to agree with dargregmag. The fans wanted the head of Eddie Jordan because of his players rotatation and sub patterns. But this is what Ernie gay Eddie to play with. Face it, the Wizards are just not good. And to think Ed Tankscott thought he could turn this team around happens to be the biggest joke of the year.

Ivan is only telling the truth but being mild about it. The youngins of this Wizard team just can't do it.


Posted by: Zeejay | February 3, 2009 1:50 PM

Funny, the folks in Memphis apparently regard Conley as a bit of a bust. No doubt that has to do with his #4 selection in the 2007 draft -- ahead of Jeff Green, Al Thornton, Acie Law, and a bunch of others who've turned out a little better. Not his fault of course, but that's the way expectations work.

Nick Young, McGee, McGuire, don't have so many expectations to deal with. Pecherov has disappeared, so that is bound to raise questions. But if you stop to think about it, Grunfeld has done pretty well with his recent draft choices. They've all got potential, and one -- McGee -- more than we hoped. The others could conceivably develop into regulars, and McGee into a star. Or not, depending on what happens.

It's the curse, well-documented, of finishing in the middle of the pack.

Looks like the Wiz are determined not to do that this year. Something to be grateful for, I suppose?

Posted by: Samson151 | February 3, 2009 2:43 PM

DARGREGMAG: You are wrong on so many counts, I do not even know where to begin, but I’ll start here:

“Are you even remotely aware of this franchises history before Jordan came onboard?”

Yes I am. That is what makes him even more pathetic. In any winning city with the core of talent the Wizards had, 3 straight 1st round exits, to the same team no less, is inexcusable. But for some reason fans like yourself seem to think that simply making the playoffs is an accomplishment. I got news for you, 16 teams make the playoffs. That’s half the league. All that says is that Eddie Jordan’s Wizards were better than half of the league. That is not good. This is not the MLB, or NFL. 16 teams get to play in the playoffs, making it is NOT an accomplishment.

“and by the way when you're Gm doesn't have the stone's to back you when you're star player acts like an ass don't blame the coach”

Absurd. When is it the GM’s job to control how players act? That is what a coach is for, to lead and coach the players. Gilbert was disprespecting the head coach, not the GM. The GM’s job is to build the team, and leave it in the hands of a capable coach. That is where the line is drawn. Do you really think Mitch Kupchak helps Phil keep the players in line? Give me a break.

“If you ask people in the know(NBA people) Jordan was one of the better coach's around he got the most out of this roster but cj658 you act as if Jordan was some kind of goofball”

Eddie Jordan was never considered one of the better coaches. What did he do to earn that title? Nothing. I never said he was a goofball, just not what the Wizards need. This was a coach who let his personal feelings get in the way of coaching to win (BTH & AB for example). Yet his star player walked all over him, and he rewarded hi with the green light whenever he wanted, and with 40mpg. Yeah, you think there was a double standard? How do you think the other players looked at Eddie after witnessing his preferential treatment? It created locker room rifts.

“This team with Deshawn Stevenson beat the Celtics three out of four last year and the main reason? JORDAN!! he outcoached Doc Rivers”

So what? Doc Rivers won a NBA championship last year. What did Jordan win? Need I remind you sports is about winning in the playoffs, not the regular season. If that were the case, I could crown the Redskins NFC champs since they beat the Cards in the regular season. It doesn’t work that way my friend.

“its the aspect of team continuity which is huge in the NBA”

You’re joking, right? How long was was that Celtics team together before last year? Yeah, enough said. Eddie Jordan was the longest tenured coach behind Greg Pop & Sloan. What did Eddie have to show for it? Nothing. He had ample opportunity to build something with this group. Ernie left him a very long leash, and Eddie didn’t take advantage. I wish him the best, I really do. I like him, but this game is about results.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 2:56 PM

ugh at this:

"...3 straight 1st round losses are unacceptable. "

"...But for some reason fans like yourself seem to think that simply making the playoffs is an accomplishment."

"How long was was that Celtics team together before last year? Yeah, enough said. "

wow- in order for a 1st round exit to be "unacceptable", shouldn't you be losing to somebody that you ought to beat! 2006- the Wiz had a chance... 07-08? you're gonna put THAT out there as 'unacceptable', as if they were the Celtics getting pushed to 7 by Atlanta?!?!


this is simply a case of folks buying into the fallacy of 'what could've been', when it was mostly smoke & mirrors... teams that can't play D don't go far in the playoffs. face it- it's not a very 'talented core', the wiz were riding on the pipe dream that 'holding course' would be good enough, and of course some players are missing. referencing the Celtics as a measure of how a team ought to come together is reedic-ulous...

it is what it is: we had a few years of nice regular season play and team awards, now we're back to the 90's (substituting a gil knee for a cwebb shoulder)

Posted by: natlawdp | February 3, 2009 6:45 PM

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