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Tapscott Promises Long Day

Ed Tapscott was as upset following last night's 113-97 loss to Memphis as I've seen him during his tenture as interim coach. He questioned his team's effort and lack of hustle and vowed to get things corrected starting today witih a long practice and lengthy film session.

One of the key stats from last night was Memphis scoring 28 points off of 17 Washington turnovers. The Wiz turned it over six straight times late in the third as the Grizzlies went on a 19-2 run.

"We are going to review the entire game tomorrow and I will try to explain to everyone what a smart play is and what a smart play is not," he said. "We are going to go through every possession offensively and defensively so that there is clarity as to what it is we will do and what we won't do."

"I explained to them: Come ready to work hard [today at practice]."

Thing is, I don't see a lot of solutions here. He played Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler heavy minutes last night AND handed out big minutes to the young guys like so many of you want him to do and the result was still another loss. Heck, we even had an Oleksiy Pecherov sighting.

Check back later for a post-practice update. ...

By Ivan Carter  |  February 3, 2009; 12:01 PM ET
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This team is going to lose no matter what, so just play the young guys. Giving them more time wasn't necessarily going to result in more wins. But at this point, who cares? This team is garbage.

Posted by: CDon | February 3, 2009 12:10 PM | Report abuse

"Thing is, I don't see a lot of solutions here. He played Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler heavy minutes last night AND handed out big minutes to the young guys like so many of you want him to do and the result was still another loss. Heck, we even had an Oleksiy Pecherov sighting."

The difference is that group has upside, as opposed to watching Butler, Jamison, James, Songaila, and Stevenson continue to lose game after game when they were playing.

It's not one game that's needed. It's many. As long as the coaching and effort is there, those young guys will improve.

Glad to hear Tapscott is ready to rip into the players, so long as nobody is spared.

Posted by: psps23 | February 3, 2009 12:12 PM | Report abuse


Really disingenuous to call out the youngsters when Caron Butler had 6 turnovers and appeared openly disinterested. Antawn played similarly poorly but at least gave some effort...sometimes.

Its no wonder the youngsters take their lead from their veterans and know that there is no accoutability or incentive to hustle.

Posted by: UltimateFootballNetwork | February 3, 2009 12:16 PM | Report abuse

Please, Tapscott is a joke. The response to last nights debacle is the same tired speech he gives after every loss practically. If he has to explain to "supposedly" NBA caliber players what are acceptble plays and what aren't then we are in deeper dog doo doo than I thought. The thing I find unnerving is that there has been no word from the ole mighty OZ (EG)

So Ivan, inquiring minds want to know what Ernie or Abe thinks of this mess disguised as a team and will the fans have to suffer the rest of the season or are there changes coming down the pike.

Posted by: ivyleague | February 3, 2009 12:30 PM | Report abuse

I really hope Wizards can hire a good big men coach. You can see that McGee has tons of talent and potential, but he is also very raw, and out of position constantly.

Posted by: sagaliba | February 3, 2009 12:37 PM | Report abuse

is Tap serious? he finally gives the young guys more minutes last night and then expects miracles to be performed even when his 1 all star was a turn over machine as others have already stated?

So he put the young guys in for longer stretches, how about he do that every game and see who rises and see who doesn't.Then he would be qualified to make any sort of assessment as to who deserves pt. God forbid he use any logic. It almost seems as if the ship has sunk and the ghost of the captain thinks its still upright and floating.

what a moron you feeble man..

Posted by: WizardsExtreme | February 3, 2009 12:43 PM | Report abuse

“Thing is, I don't see a lot of solutions here. He played Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler heavy minutes last night AND handed out big minutes to the young guys like so many of you want him to do and the result was still another loss. Heck, we even had an Oleksiy Pecherov sighting”.

Way to again Ivan. I am sure you an La Canfora had a beer together today at lunch. I absolutely love how you put the word “and” in CAPS. Gee, I wonder what point you were trying to emphasize in that sentence. Seriously Ivan, are the vets paying you to write this blog? That is a serious question. Ivan, as a professional sports writer, I am failing to understand why you cannot grasp the concept of this season. HELLO, it is over. As demonstrated through the first 41 games of this season, the vets cannot win. Sure the youngsters will not either, but they will be developing. CB and AJ have failed miserably as the vets of this team this year, yet you still seem to ride their coat-tails. I am still waiting for the blog/artivle titled, “All Star veterans getting 40mpg, yield no results in the win column”. I simply do not get it, yet another cheap jab at the fans who want to see the young guys pay. Oh, and FYI, Nick Young alone is worth the price the price of admission. The whole point is, there is NO SOLUTION. The team should not be caring about wins and losses at this point, they should be caring about developing the young players.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 12:49 PM | Report abuse

Oleksiy Pecherov.

For the people clamoring for more minutes for this guy, please stop. He awful and does nothing but jack up 3-pointers all day. I can recall a point during the game last night and he got an offensive rebound, rather than activating his "beast mode" and going straight up with it, he puts the ball on the floor, and nearly had it stripped.

He has a low basketball IQ and appears to lack the feet to be able to play in the NBA. He did draw the foul, but if it wasn't Conley attempting to pick 'em - it would've been another TO...

Bye Pech, bye Etan.

Diminish Stevenson's role - healthy or not.

Give more minutes to Critt, Young, and McGee - bring in a specialist to "learn" McGee. What's David Robinson up to these days? Hakeem?

Posted by: RedDMV | February 3, 2009 12:51 PM | Report abuse

"Ed Tapscott was as upset following last night's 113-97 loss to Memphis as I've seen him during his tenture as interim coach."

He's (Tapscott) a paid actor.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 12:52 PM | Report abuse

A little too late? Unless the goal is to just lose without getting embarrassed in your own court by a rookie.

Posted by: tundey | February 3, 2009 12:53 PM | Report abuse

In another post, someone claimed that Pech got abused by Gasol. Gasol had one basket while being guarded by Pech and that was because Pech stepped up to stop a penetrator and no one covered his man. Pech held Darrell Arthur scoreless and reboundless when he was guarding him. Pech aint the man but he played 7 minutes. He didnt cause this loss.

I'm glad someone else is starting to take a close look at Caron. As much as AJ doesn't defend either, at least he's rebounding. Rebounding is a defensive skill, so he's contributing. If you can;t stop your man, at least outscore him and AJ is doing that. CB is not.

When I suggested last year that CB was the guy that was one of the weakest links, everyone said I was crazy.

Now is the time to start looking at trading the guy. He has value. Someone would LOVE to have this guy and he'd be able to put a close team over the top. He's not the the guy we need on this team. We don't have the personnel to support a player with his game as long as we have guys at the pf spot who aren't defenders (Aj/Ab).

Cb is not solely to blame, Tap is. But if we ever expect this iteration of Wiz team to lay any defense, look at trading CB.

Of Course, we could always do what this team was constructed to do and that's ...


Posted by: original_mark | February 3, 2009 1:04 PM | Report abuse

The worst part is that the Wizards' young fellas (Dominic McGuire, JaVale McGee, Javaris Crittenton and Nick Young) all played good minutes and were overmatched by the youthful Grizzlies. Marc Gasol had 22 and 11, Mayo had 33 and Rudy Gay had 23 and 8.

By Ivan Carter
Overmatched? C'mon!! Who played "defense" on Mayo for most of the game? It wasn't the "young fellas!" Who got their lunch taken by Rudy Gay? It wasn't the "young fellas!" Who damn near fouled out in the first quarter trying to guard Gasol? It certainly wasn't the "young fellas!" I will be the first to admit that our young guys did not do as much as the guys from Memphis. But the Memphis young guys start and play "Antawn" and "Caron" minutes every game. Our guys are being setup to fail again next season due to inexperience. I guarantee that Crittenton, Young, Pech and McGee would score 30 points each if they were guarded by Mike James, Caron Butler, Atawn Jamison and Darius Songalia for 35 minutes a game. Tapscott is a genius.

Posted by: hamptonpirates89 | February 3, 2009 1:06 PM | Report abuse

Crittenden is an able ball handler and passer. He's going to make mistakes but if we were to put NY in at the 2 and put Caron back at his sf spot with Jm playing the C, we'd have a lot of fast firepower in the game.

We may get pounded on the boards against good rebounding teams but we should have the quickness to at least guard the perimeter.

Mike James, McGuire and Pech might also be able to do some damage against the 2nd team.

We need to stop trying to be an East Coast team and we should run, run, run.

Posted by: original_mark | February 3, 2009 1:11 PM | Report abuse

We know the Big 3 cannot play 40 minutes a game without injury.

Even without injuries, the Big 3 will not get past the first round without significant improvements in the supporting cast.

Regarding the Wiz supporting cast, McGee and Blatche have all-star potential in a few years. But they need much better coaching, more weight and lots of game minutes.

Young may become an above average player, and should be able to provide a consistent spark off of the bench by next year.

Other than that, there is not much to ponder regarding this roster.

Therefore, in a nutshell, the Wiz will need to trade the lottery pick and a vet for a young quality guard like Stuckey to play alongside Arenas next year.

Wins no longer matter this year. Temper tantrums aren't what is needed.

The Wiz should put Tapscott on a 100% bonus plan focused on developing McGee, Blatche and Young.

If they can improve, the Wiz will be in good shape for the next couple of years.

Otherwise, it's back to the Groundhog performance of the coaching and reporters.

Posted by: Izman | February 3, 2009 1:11 PM | Report abuse

When is Ernie going to pull the plug on this joke?

Randy Ayres, Phil Hubbard, and Wes Unseld, Jr. are professional coaches.

Tapscott is not.

Posted by: SteveC28 | February 3, 2009 1:13 PM | Report abuse

Seriously, is a lengthy practice and film session gonna do anything? Haven't we tried this in the last few months?
Bench a vet, Tap. That sends a better message.

P.S. That vet cannot be Mike James for it to work. It has to be AJ or CB.

BTW, I went to the Wizards home page and the slogan for this season is apparently..

Character, Commitment, Connection.

Well, one out of three ain't bad. We've had no character issues or arrests this year.

Posted by: original_mark | February 3, 2009 1:14 PM | Report abuse

You hit the nail on the head. Nothing more needs to be said about it, really.

Posted by: original_mark | February 3, 2009 1:17 PM | Report abuse


Can you get a comment on why DS came back before he was ready? Havent we seen this many times before and is there a problem with the training staff?

Posted by: UltimateFootballNetwork | February 3, 2009 1:23 PM | Report abuse

Tapscott said, "We are going to review the entire game tomorrow and I will try to explain to everyone what a smart play is and what a smart play is not."

Ivan, how I wish that you or Mike Lee would be present at this meeting so that you could report whether Tapscott criticized every bad play, or mostly the bad plays committed by the young guys. I don't know that Tapscott has the guts to criticize the vets as harshly as warranted (as exemplified by his silly, "I'm a DeShawn Stevenson fan" comments).

Posted by: disgruntledfan | February 3, 2009 1:30 PM | Report abuse

Disguntledfan: Good point. But fact is, Tapscott doesn’t have the balls to criticize the vets, Ivan Carter does not have the balls to criticize the vets (yet he LOVES picking on NY and AB), and most importantly the vets do not have the balls to criticize the vets. There comes a point in time when the need to start doing some self evaluation.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 1:35 PM | Report abuse

Caron is a professional and is having to put up with an interim coach and a joke as a GM and you think he's being disengenuous? yeah right; and cj 658 catch my last post under the final score post and call me 678-886-8126 .

Posted by: dargregmag | February 3, 2009 1:41 PM | Report abuse

Ultimate -

The Wizards cover their players with the standard option Blue Cross/Blue Shield-DC HMO. Problem is that the players have to come up with their own $15 co-pay.

Posted by: hamptonpirates89 | February 3, 2009 1:41 PM | Report abuse

"AND handed out big minutes to the young guys like so many of you want him to do and the result was still another loss."

Our PG's James and Critt combined for 9 pts, 6 assts, 8 rbds in 40:15. Dixon had 6 pts and 1 asst in 8:30.

Songaila had 2 pts, 3 assts, 3 rbds, 4 fouls in 20:00. Ruffin-esque statistics

McGuire, our 5th most talented young guy, received 27 minutes and turned it into 4 pts, 5 rbds, 4 assts.
And I have written heavily on this site about how the season should be focused on development. However, McGuire's development seems to be placed as top priority as he has been given the most minutes and starts of all the young guys.
I view our priorities by combination of need and talent as
1)Young- we have no NBA-rotation-ready shooting guards unless Deshawn recovers from his back injury and his .300 fg %.
2)Blatche- we need a thick big man to take Songaila's minutes at backup power forward and grow into Jamison's replacement. 3)Crittenton- We have no ball-handlers on this team and are 30th in the league in APG.
4)McGee- Haywood's a good NBA starting center but has never played more than 25 mpg, so we need somebody to play 20 mp at center, and Etan's washed up.
5)McGuire-he is a hustle player but I see him as having the least potential of our young players to be an NBA starter, and we have an NBA vet in Songaila capable of handling the scarce leftover minutes at backup SF.

Posted by: emmet1 | February 3, 2009 1:42 PM | Report abuse

As long as there are large contracts to be had, I can't see any self evaluation going on. No one is gonna devalue themselves by admitting how poor they are. Actually, AJ is on his last contract so he would be the only one who would do that. Problem is, since he's doing 21 and 9, in his mind he's not the problem.

The coach should be doing the evaluating but Tap sux.

Posted by: original_mark | February 3, 2009 1:46 PM | Report abuse

Yo Ivan all I was trying to say in that last blog was I did not think that was a fair statement you made about our young players. I however appreciate you taking time out to do the blog, but sometimes it seems like you do not balance out your "call outs" to well.

I guess everyone who is a true Wiz fan is sick of Tapscott and his "veterans can do no wrong" philosophy and you can clearly see he is a hypocrite as a coach and he has double standards.

It is cool you give the "vets" their respect but he overdoes it to the extreme that it is starting to show up on the floor in a negative way. You can see the division among the players starting to simmer.

Everytime the sub. buzzer rings for a substituion, you will notice guys like NY, McGee, AB, and Critt imeadiately look to see if the sub is for them (even if they just came in the game 2 minutes ago). CB and AJ on the other hand never if turnaround to look to see if the sub is for them even after playing the whole 1st and half of the 2nd quarter. What is that saying to you?

So when you make statements like the young guys got "good minutes" like what we have been calling for and then in an indirect way call them out without including AJ and CB seems a little unfair. Look at the minutes AJ and CB played? Don't you think they had a little something to do with the final score?

It was not like they were both on the bench watching the young boys play, they were on the court. What team do you know has two all-stars on it ever who had a record like we do? Now don't get me wrong I love CJ and AJ's game, but I also get tired of Tapscott riding their you know what like they can never do no wrong.

The bad thing about this whole thing is we would not even be talking about your statement right now if Songalia did not get in foul trouble and Stevenson decided not to play. You better bet those jokers would have been in playing major minutes and we would not even had seen the youngsta's get hardly any run yesterday.

It is a true shame it has to come to those type of factors to happen just so the young boys can get a little run in a game......

Posted by: BulletsFever | February 3, 2009 2:07 PM | Report abuse


No matter how long of a practice Tapscott works the Wizards it will never improve the players on defence. This is not a defensive team. Ernie should be held responsible for the players he put in place on this team.

NEWS FLASH: The Wizards are the worst team in the NBA especially defensively.

Posted by: Zeejay | February 3, 2009 2:23 PM | Report abuse

DARGREGMAG: You are wrong on so many counts, I do not even know where to begin, but I’ll start here:

“Are you even remotely aware of this franchises history before Jordan came onboard?”

Yes I am. That is what makes him even more pathetic. In any winning city with the core of talent the Wizards had, 3 straight 1st round exits, to the same team no less, is inexcusable. But for some reason fans like yourself seem to think that simply making the playoffs is an accomplishment. I got news for you, 16 teams make the playoffs. That’s half the league. All that says is that Eddie Jordan’s Wizards were better than half of the league. That is not good. This is not the MLB, or NFL. 16 teams get to play in the playoffs, making it is NOT an accomplishment.

“and by the way when you're Gm doesn't have the stone's to back you when you're star player acts like an ass don't blame the coach”

Absurd. When is it the GM’s job to control how players act? That is what a coach is for, to lead and coach the players. Gilbert was disprespecting the head coach, not the GM. The GM’s job is to build the team, and leave it in the hands of a capable coach. That is where the line is drawn. Do you really think Mitch Kupchak helps Phil keep the players in line? Give me a break.

“If you ask people in the know(NBA people) Jordan was one of the better coach's around he got the most out of this roster but cj658 you act as if Jordan was some kind of goofball”

Eddie Jordan was never considered one of the better coaches. What did he do to earn that title? Nothing. I never said he was a goofball, just not what the Wizards need. This was a coach who let his personal feelings get in the way of coaching to win (BTH & AB for example). Yet his star player walked all over him, and he rewarded hi with the green light whenever he wanted, and with 40mpg. Yeah, you think there was a double standard? How do you think the other players looked at Eddie after witnessing his preferential treatment? It created locker room rifts.

“This team with Deshawn Stevenson beat the Celtics three out of four last year and the main reason? JORDAN!! he outcoached Doc Rivers”

So what? Doc Rivers won a NBA championship last year. What did Jordan win? Need I remind you sports is about winning in the playoffs, not the regular season. If that were the case, I could crown the Redskins NFC champs since they beat the Cards in the regular season. It doesn’t work that way my friend.

“its the aspect of team continuity which is huge in the NBA”

You’re joking, right? How long was was that Celtics team together before last year? Yeah, enough said. Eddie Jordan was the longest tenured coach behind Greg Pop & Sloan. What did Eddie have to show for it? Nothing. He had ample opportunity to build something with this group. Ernie left him a very long leash, and Eddie didn’t take advantage. I wish him the best, I really do. I like him, but this game is about results.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 2:57 PM | Report abuse

The Wizards looked bad last night but McGuire was truly awful. Could this guy play any minutes for any other team?

Hopefully we will be able to draft a guy who can get us 15 pts/5 rebounds EVERY game; not every 10th game (see Young for example). And EG better not say our draftee is a project case.

With so many guys missing due to injury this team should lose but we should not lose to lack of effort as we are. Guys should be busting butt for next year.

Also we need to get rid of an interim coach and hire the long term guy. Players like us know that Taps is short term and are not going to listen to this guy. Heck, they barely listened to EJ.

Posted by: fearturtle44 | February 3, 2009 3:04 PM | Report abuse

emmet1 , I think you've got it a bit backwards.

McGuire's extended PT is not evidence that his development is being given any kind of priority. It's simply evidence that he's the in need of development and is most NBA ready.

An easy argument could be made that Young, McGee, and Crittendon have bigger upside than McGuire. but what McGuire brings has the biggest potential to make a positive contribution on a consistent basis right now. That's why he's getting starts and playing more minutes than the others.

As for him having the least potential as a starter . . that's true only if you're going by stats, because he's never going to be a big numbers guy. But he's definitely a guy that a good team that already has a couple of stars in place would love to have filling that role of "glue guy" in their line up, a guy who always plays hard and has positive impact, even if the numbers don't show it. Good teams always have a guy like that and McGuire definitely has that potential.

By contrast, unless he expands his game beyond scoring off fadeaway jumpers, I seriously doubt Young will ever be a starter in the NBA, at least not on a team that has any real chance to win anything.

Posted by: kalo_rama | February 3, 2009 3:08 PM | Report abuse

Just a thought, but maybe this incident had to do with the "youngsters" lack of playing time, especially McGee. This was not reported until now. Come on Ivan. Just kidding.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 3:15 PM | Report abuse

Sounds like they were racing to Dulles. No big deal, but Tapscott may not have liked it.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 3:16 PM | Report abuse

Maybe I should read other (more recent) entries before I post things that have already been reported. I think I'm going to go home and burn some water night while I'm at it. Oh well.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 3:20 PM | Report abuse

You cannot try and out-score good teams. Good team know how to stop their opposing teams from scoring. The Wizards are trying their best to out-score the opposing team too much. The Phoenix Suns (before Shaq I must say) used to light the scoreboard up, but get knocked out of the playoffs every year. Why? Because it's not about scoring, but, instead it's about playing defense and stopping your opponents along with scoring points.


Jamison will not and cannot play defense. When opposing teams get there scouting reports, they already know to swing their scoring to Jamison side of the court. If you have any basketball knowledge, they can pick out weaknesses. Wizards weakness is no DEFENSE.

Jamison is an achilles heel too. How many times you see three pointers go on Jamison side of the court and all Jamison does is raise a lazy-like "one hand" up and act like that's enough to distract the three-point shooter.

Jamison, if you notice, has very skinny legs. LeBron James love playing the Wizards (remember LeBron went baseline in the playoffs against Jamison).

Posted by: clifton3 | February 3, 2009 3:27 PM | Report abuse

cj658 - Looks like we are on the same page with everything except one thing. I still believe if that 3 1/2 step travel LaBron made in the first playoff series was called correctly we would have been in the 2nd round.

The LaTravel rules were also on full display in the 2nd year's playoff match although that was the year I believe EJ was dogging Haywood and was not playing him.

The third playoff matchup was a wash because of the injuries the Wiz incurred with CB and Gil.

So I only blame EJ on that second year's playoff matchup because better coaching might have got us past them. The first year I think Eddie did a nice job, but he could not do anything against the "LaTravel Rules".

As for the last year, Eddie didn't have enough firepower with all of the injuries so I don't blame that on him either.

Eddie was a nice coach and I wanted him to succeed because I too have been around since the "The Opera is not over until the Fat Lady Sings", Gus Williams and Cliff "S Curl" Robinson, The Beef Brothers with Jeff Ruland and Rick Mahorn, John "Hotplate" Williams from LSU, Ledell Eckles, Tom "The Goog's" Gogilia, Calbert Chaney, Pervis "Never Nervous" Ellison days and the list goes on and on.

It was finally nice to have a coach such as EJ come in and give us direction where now we did not have to watch college basketball every year to see who is going to be the top pick like we have to do this year.

With all of that said, I just think Eddie's tenture depended on him having a healthy Gilbert to be successful. We will never know if and when Gil is coming back so it looks like we might have needed to go in another direction anyway, But Tapscott is not what I call "another direction". This dude can not even be found by the best GPS system......

Posted by: BulletsFever | February 3, 2009 3:39 PM | Report abuse

Just wanted to lend my support to all the bloggers who believe that Tapscott is an awful "coach".

CB and AJ are having good statistical, but horrible professional NBA years. A lot can be attributed to the fact that Tap plays them so many minutes. I think that Tap felt that he couldn't go wrong depending on the (former) all-stars, and in the process, he ran them into the ground, while letting them dictate how the game would be played. Last night between them they have all but one of the first 12 shots. Neither of them has any inclination to pass the ball except to each other, or in a pinch to Darius.

Any thoughts of getting into the playoffs ended about two months ago. That's when any sensible management team would have given extended minutes to the future and rested the vets.

Regardless of when Arenas (where's Waldo), Brendan and the rest of the wounded return, I believe that both CB and AJ have outlived their usefullness to the Wiz and should be traded while they still might have some value to some other team.

Posted by: getabigboyoffense | February 3, 2009 3:54 PM | Report abuse

Eddie has been resting on his laurels for three years now. The ridiculous Gilbert contract, letting Mason go and not providing for depth is the core of the problem. Three years in a row with major injuries. You would think there would be contingency plans aside from hopeing for the best then blaming inexperienced players when it goes wrong. Good thing E. Jordan was let go he obviously was also a problem. Once the Gilbert contract is up we may see a winner again. Did I miss anything? Oh ya, Tap is a lunatic when it comes to deciding who plays and when. Just go back and look at the lineups and playing times.

Posted by: Shane67 | February 3, 2009 3:59 PM | Report abuse

"We are going to review the entire game tomorrow and I will try to explain to everyone what a smart play is and what a smart play is not," - Ed Tapscott

Is he kidding???? He wouldn't know a smart basketball play unless someone else saw it and told him to put in in those notes he writes to himself all game long. He is "Coach Clueless". He should be running the Verizon steps while the players conduct a real practice without him.

Posted by: getabigboyoffense | February 3, 2009 4:07 PM | Report abuse

More athletes are needed on this team,
guys who are actually going to contest shots (not wave at them like AJ, and finish around the rim. Pops just came back to the D-League after a successful stint in Europe, I'd love to see him on our team.

As-much as I like Crit, we need a PG who can score when points are needed. How about a 10-day for Will Conroy?

Posted by: closg | February 3, 2009 4:08 PM | Report abuse

Wrong on some many points; Really? Chain of command flows from the top down i.e.OWNER,GM,COACH In any sport when a player is out of hand and the coach is having a problem then the GM SHOULD step in and settle any dipute's before that player disrupt's team chemistry.I am in Atanta and talk to the Hawk's beat writer Sekou Smith, after Jordan was fired Smith told me on no uncertain terms that most people "in the know" were shocked at Jordan's dismissal that Jordan had gotten more out of the Wizard's than anyone had a right to expect. I mentioned team continuity in reference to the Wizard's not the Celtic's. A lot of bloggers have talked about BTH and AB, BTH was a whiner and has underachieved since he has been in the league with exception of last season and Blatche don't get me started on the serial skirt chaser, he who was to cheap to call an escort service but dumb enough to get arrested for solicitation, he who right after getting drafted gets himself shot before he ever steps on the court for the Wizards by being in the wrong part of town in the wee hours of the morning, this same player won't even train properly to make himself a better player. Playoff's are the defining criteria for any head coach but you think a coaching change is gonna help this team as it is constructed advance? that's not on the coach that's on the GM.

Posted by: dargregmag | February 3, 2009 4:10 PM | Report abuse

clifton3, it was reported that LeBron is 275 lbs. I think he could go baseline against pretty much anyone in this league and most in the NFL.

You're right about AJ. He just isn't physically capable.

Remember that the Suns were one terrible call away from being able to do some damage in 2007 against SA. They were tied at 2-2 going into game 5 but had to play without Stoudemire and Diaw. Stoudemire was their leading scorer in that series. If they hadn't gotten the suspensions, they had a good chance to get to the Conference Finals against the Jazz. They would then have faced the Cavs in the Finals.

No one has won a title yet without playing good defense. It doesn't mean that it can't be done, however. Maybe great offense and adequate defense works. We're closer to having that than the other.

Posted by: original_mark | February 3, 2009 4:18 PM | Report abuse

As far as Blatche, he was in the Cameron Station section of Alexandria, hardly the “wrong part of town” LOL. Or anywhere in Alexandria for that matter.

Posted by: cj658 | February 3, 2009 4:20 PM | Report abuse

I don't get Jamison being described as a 'power forward'. Looks to me like he's at a distinct disadvantage against maybe half the players who get time at PF in the NBA. Namely, he's too small.

If he's lining up against a Dirk Nowitzki, say, or David West or heaven forbid, Tim Duncan, then it must be out of necessity, because he sure doesn't have the talent to defend those guys.

He gets a lot of rebounds because he works so hard at it and because rebounding is the one part of the inside game where a smaller, quicker player who knows how to position himself, can excel. Dennis Rodman, for instance. Shawn Marion. But those guys normally shifted over to take the other team's SF when it was time to play defense.

Jamison amazes me. For a guy who is that limited athletically to produce the way he does while playing out of position about half the time -- it's remarkable. Bet he wishes he was on a better team, one where his weaknesses wouldn't show as much because he was playing next to a decent veteran. But he signed with the Wiz, and now the guy has to grin and bear it.

Which by the way, he's doing.

Posted by: Samson151 | February 3, 2009 4:52 PM | Report abuse

why jab at the young guys? how did james and song play? Are caron and aj forcing everything?
Over the last two games while receiving legitimate time, Javale: 14.5 points, 8 boards 1.5 steals and 1.5 blocks in 25 minutes per,52%fg
Song :5 points, 4 boards, 2assists, 1.5steals, 0 blocks in 21.5 mins per
Nick young: 17.5points, .5r,s,b,a, and 1 turn in 24 mins per (13-24fg)
Mike James 7 points, 4 a, 3 r,1 s, 1.5 t (5-16 fg) 25 mins per
Crit 4 points, 3 assists, 2 r, 1.5 s & turns in 19 mins per
The minutes are moving in the right direction finally

Posted by: bford1kb | February 3, 2009 5:01 PM | Report abuse

NOTE tp CJ658: I'm sure you've heard the old saying nothing good happens after midnight as far as Cameron Station is concerned i was born and raised in DC lived in Alex.,Lorton(not the prison),Reston, and Mitchellville,Md. before moving to Alt.Ga. There are some unsavory sections of Alexandria you just may not be familiar with them.

Posted by: dargregmag | February 3, 2009 6:26 PM | Report abuse

I am confused by Dominic McGuire’s role on the team. Are we honestly going to convert Butler into a shooting guard so that we can use Dominic McGuire as small forward? Would a Butler SG/ Dom SF be better than a Young SG/ Butler SF?
Or are we grooming McGuire for backup SF and merely taking this as an opportunity to see what Butler can do at SG?
I am nervous about ButlerSG/McGuireSF becoming the team’s permanent solution because I don’t think Butler can perform at well as SG as he can at SF and I don’t think our team can afford anything but maximum productivity from Butler if we are to have a shot at being successful over the next several years.
If the team has no serious intention of keeping Butler at SG, then 30 mpg for McGuire seems excessive if he is going to play behind Butler next season because he will be only be getting 10 mpg as backup SF.
Can McGuire play SG? If not, then his development should be less important than Nick Young’s development, considering the void at SG. We have Stevenson who in the past has been a marginal starter and has been shooting 30% this season due to a back problem that may nag him for the rest of his career. Juan Dixon is not an NBA rotation player. Nick Young is all we have, and he has shown the promise of being one of the league’s elite scorers. Therefore, it is inexplicable for McGuire to be receiving 29 mpg this past month compared to 22 mpg for Nick Young. That is disproportionate to the relative need for and talent of these two youngsters.
And to remake my earlier point, a backup SF (behind Butler who averages 39 mpg) has less importance than McGee at backup center (behind Haywood who averages 20-25 mpg), than Blatche at backup PF/Center (behind a 32 year old Jamison at PF/ and a low mpg starter Haywood at Center), and than Crittenton (the only true ballhandler on our team, who will get backup PG minutes behind Arenas, or who could be paired with Arenas in the backcourt, or who may be our starting PG if Arenas never returns to strength—3 surgeries on the same knee and 17 games played in two years).

Posted by: emmet1 | February 3, 2009 6:59 PM | Report abuse


Isn't every day a long day with this team and coach?

Posted by: superwilks | February 4, 2009 11:22 AM | Report abuse

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