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Rethinking Eighth Grade Algebra

Washpost education columnist Jay Mathews has lost some of his gusto for making algebra a universal middle school experience. In his Class Struggle column today he writes: "Let's forget about eighth grade algebra for all. But let's push eighth grade...

By Michael Alison Chandler | October 24, 2008; 12:09 PM ET | Comments (6)

Math for Kids of all Abilities

I visited a first grade class this morning at McNair Elementary school in Herndon. I am often amazed at the range of abilities I see in classrooms. Today was no different. The group of mostly 6-year-olds were learning about place...

By Michael Alison Chandler | October 23, 2008; 4:07 PM ET | Comments (1)

Where's the Algebra? (cont.) And a Quiz

In my efforts to feature stories of algebra in every day life, I have gotten some interesting examples from readers. Thanks for sending, and keep 'em coming! This from an electrical engineer: I use Algebra pretty frequently (Less than I...

By Michael Alison Chandler | October 22, 2008; 4:07 PM ET | Comments (1)

My First A ... Almost

We got our tests on matrices back yesterday. Despite all my grief, I got what I thought was an A. "Good job," my teacher said. My first unit test was a boring B. But here it was -- a 93...

By Michael Alison Chandler | October 21, 2008; 1:45 PM ET | Comments (5)

Math--Where the Girls Are?

I went to an all-girls high school, so I never had a good sense of whether boys actually do call out all the answers or are pushed harder in math classes (two commonly cited reasons why families choose single-sex high...

By Michael Alison Chandler | October 20, 2008; 11:45 AM ET | Comments (3)

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