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Where's the Algebra? Crime Scene Math

My car disappeared from my DC neighborhood this weekend, and unless it's been lost in some impound lot and in the city's records (not impossible), we're pretty sure it was stolen. And so I spent a lot of time surveying...

By Michael Alison Chandler | December 8, 2008; 09:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Where's the Algebra? (cont.) And a Quiz

In my efforts to feature stories of algebra in every day life, I have gotten some interesting examples from readers. Thanks for sending, and keep 'em coming! This from an electrical engineer: I use Algebra pretty frequently (Less than I...

By Michael Alison Chandler | October 22, 2008; 04:07 PM ET | Comments (1)

Where's the Algebra?

I am told that algebra is everywhere – it’s in my iPod, beneath the spreadsheet that calculates my car payments, in every corner of my building. This idea freaks me out because I just can’t see it. I sent out...

By Michael Alison Chandler | October 13, 2008; 06:00 AM ET | Comments (9)

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